That’s what we’re always looking for. Whether you own a Puch Maxi, Puch Magnum or even e JC Penney Puch Swinger 2, we have the material you need for the right dose of inspiration.

What’s this website about?

On this website you find a lot of Puch related stuf:

On our Puch Projects page you’ll find some of the most awesome Puch mopeds such as Puch Maxi, Puch Magnum, Puch Swinger, etc. projects.

We also created a troubleshooter page where you can get help for technical issues. It’s our mission to make this the biggest Puch troubleshooter page on the internet. 

On our Puch Parts and Products page we give you reviews of Puch parts as well as recommended Puch parts for your Puch project.

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