The 1980 Red Puch Magnum XK by Joe P.

1989 Red Puch Magnum XK by Joe

Joe, a Puch lover living and riding his Red Puch Magnum XK in Oak Forest (Illinois) shares his 1980 red Puch Magnum XK build with us.

This Red Puch Magnum is ‘born’ in 1980. The owner, Joe, really wanted to make something good out of it and spared no expenses on this build!

How Joe calls his lady? MAGDUMB.  Why? not because it’s ready for the dumbster but because  of the dumb amounts of money he spent on this build.

The setup and parts of this Red Puch Magnum

This Red Puch Magnum has a 74cc Gila, HPI Mini Rotor, Mikuni TM24 Carb, Vforce reeds, super stuffy crank, Jammer Clucth, hydraulic forks with front disk setup. The black pipe is an MLM bk100.

Nice setup, but what’s the topspeed of this build? Joe’s baby gets a topspeed of 98 km/h (61mph) on GPS. Not bad, not bad at all! That lady is a fast!

What’s up next Joe we asked him. He said: I think I may plan on stripping it all down this winter and getting everything powder coated and possibly doing a water cooled setup!

We are looking forward to see it coming!

How to hide the wires? Lesson learned by Joe!

Red Puch Magnum by Joe

Look at the picture above, stop and look again. Do you see it? Indeed, where are all the wires at and where did Joe mount the coil??

Joe explains:  Originally I had the plug wire running through the frame but I welded the bracket under the tank so that by doing this, I could give it a cleaner look, you can’t see any wires at all. It’s all hidden. Nice one!!

Our point of view?

What a sweet looking Puch Magnum! The combination of both the sportive furious red colour with a touch of white and a black seat, frame, wheels and a massive black exhaust makes me go ‘loco’ when seeing this Red Magnum. Joe, you made your Puch Magnum Great Again!


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