The 7 best Puch cafe racer Mopeds 

Hereunder you can find our nominees for the best Puch cafe racer in the world!

Please note that the images are put in random order. It’s up to you to vote who wins and deserves the title of best Puch Cafe racer!

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Nominee 1. Puch Babe Marije

It will not be a surprise, but the custom build Puch x30 cafe racer from Marije is one of the most shared mopeds on Instagram. You might have already seen this moped in our our previous post, on Instagram or on Facebook. Marije you certainly deserve it to be in our list!

Pictures of Puch Babe Marije’s Puch Cafe-racer

Nominee 2. Jared Yates

This Puch Pinto makes everybody want to get on his / her moped and race! As you can see, the snowflakes are crying for attention. And yes your Puch Pinto deserves all the attention it wants! Although this Pinto is not a 100% Puch moped, it does has a Puch E50 Engine, so Jared, you’re on our list!

Pictures of Jared’s Puch Pinto Cafe racer

Nominee 3. Martijn van den Diepstraten

The Puch M125 is a Puch model that you don’t see very often, I would even say – it’s rare to see. Our followers on Instagram and facebook were going crazy when seeing this, raw tank Puch cafe racer. Take good care of it Martijn!

Nominee 4. Malcolm Wright

Malcolm is not only a funny guy if you look at the picture beneath, he also has taste. Transforming a Puch Maxi into a cafe racer looking moped does require some skills! Malcolm, your Custom Build Puch Maxi Cafe racer has given so many Puch lovers inspiration!

Pictures of Malcolm’s Puch Maxi Cafe-racer

Nominee 5: Ton Herlaar

This Puch racer build by Ton looks like a Kreidler Van Veen, doesn’t it? Well it is a race frame with a Puch 6 block engine of a Puch Monza. Although it’s not 100% a cafe racer, it surely is a racer. Not putting you on the longlist would be nuts! Ton, you posted this on our facebook group and people were confused.. They had never seen such a wicked Puch Cafe racer in their life. Keep up the good work and yes you are nominated!

Pictures of Ton’s Puch Cafe-racer

Nominee 6: Kristoffer Miller

Krismillerisn’tdead… Your Instagram-name says it all. We believe you’re not dead, although we would really love to inherit your amazing Puch Magnum! One word: astonishing. Not only does it look good, we bet it also rides good? Guess you have a lot of attention by a lot of women when driving this crazy Puch Caferacer!  Your nomination is well deserved!

Pictures of Kristoffer’s Puch Magnum Cafe-racer

Nominee 7: Youri Van Staalduinen

Youri, when you uploaded your Puch Maxi racer build, we couldn’t believe our eyes. How on earth did you manage to build this? And the sound of your Puch build, it’s a beast. This should not be a surprise that you are as well nominated!  Enjoy your Puch and send us a picture – video from times to times :).

Pictures of Youri’s Puch Maxi Cafe racer

Which one do you like the most?

Give your vote to the Puch that deserves the title best Cafe-racer Puch Moped!

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Best Puch Cafe-Racer
Best Puch Cafe-Racer
Best Puch Cafe-Racer

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