The best Puch mopeds

That’s what we’re always looking for. Whether you own a Puch Maxi, Puch Magnum or even e JC Penney Puch Swinger 2, we have the material you need for the right dose of inspiration.

What’s this website about?

On this website you can find a lot of Puch related stuff. visit our Puch projects page to see some of the most awesome Puch mopeds, visit our troubleshooter page to get some help with the Puch building, visit our Puch parts page to get more insights in exhausts etc. or go to our Puch store to get your awesome Puch T-shirt, Sweater and Stickers.

Are you a Puch Moped Owner?

If you are, you can also upload your own Puch moped so we can share it with the world of Puch Lovers