The best Puch Maxi mopeds of 2018

We are always on the look out for the coolest Puch Maxi mopeds in 2018 . In this page, you will find many Puch Maxi projects by some awesome Puch lovers worldwide. Our goal?  Bringing you the inspiration of the finest looking Puch Maxi mopeds.

New:  The Purple Puch Maxi N by Klaas

Date added: 16/06/2018

Klaas is a dutch Puch lover that really knows how to build quality. This ‘candy purple’ coloured Puch Maxi N really looks like an old skool retro Puch Maxi. I bet that when Klaas is riding on this maxi, he gets a lot of attention. Klaas has combined the candy purple frame with chrome, whitewall tires and an old skool leather bag. He’s a guy that always know to find NOS (new old stock) parts. If you look at the saddle pen for example, this is very rare to find, but Klaas managed to find one.

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The Golden Puch Maxi S by Thomas. R.

Date added: 02/04/2018

This golden Puch Maxi is a project by the Belgian owner Thomas. Although the project is not yet finished, it already shows in a good way how to restyle your Puch Maxi S. This maxi was build in 1979 and used to be a 25km/h (15.5 mph) model. The owner wanted to combine a gold frame colour with white and chrome. That’s why he used a chrome headlight, tank luggage carrier, exhaust and shocks. The white colour was used for the buddyseat, handles and air filter.

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The Red Puch Maxi K by Thomas D.

Date added: 18/03/2018

Thomas Diewald, our Austrian hero! This Puch Maxi N project with a kickstart motor (Puch Maxi K ;-)), is one hell of a fine looking moped. Thomas spend 400+ hours in working on this red beauty. The frame is painted in a Catalunya red metallic colour used for the AUDI TRS and Audi RS3. As you can see on the following pictures, Thomas managed to make an excellent colour combination of red, chrome and a little touch of white with the whitewall tires.

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