The Candy Purple Puch Maxi N by Klaas

                 Candy Purple Puch Maxi N by Klaas

Klaas, a well known Puch artist in the Netherlands recently finished one of his latest projects: a fancy looking candy purple Puch Maxi N. As you can see this Puch Maxi N is eye-catching project. It’s a modern retro looking Puch Maxi N (yes I combined modern and retro in one sentence…). 

In this post we want to give Klaas some recognition for all his efforts to make this Puch Maxi N great again! Klaas, you rock!

The project: before and after 

Before the paintjob

As you can see, the frame (and other parts) weren’t at the best condition. Klaas wanted to give it a special touch. Making that Puch Great Again was his mission.

After the frame (and other parts) got sandblasted, it was painted by a professional painter. We have to admit that the painter really knows how to get perfection.


Klaas wanted to make the project in a similar colour. So he went to the local garage and asked which colour he could use the best. The local garage managed to suggest a colour that looked pretty similar to the colour it used to be.

Shine bright like a diamond, use metallic flakes

As you can see the paint has a glitter effect. How did he managed to this? Klaas explained: the glittering is made possible by adding a handful of metallic flakes (metallic paint) to the paint, this allowed me to use the candy purple paint but with a metallic look. I’m really happy with the end result.

An example of the glitter effect

About the Puch parts used

Another thing you certainly have noticed is that all those parts are looking so clean, they are just like brand new!

NOS parts 4 the win!

Take a second to look at the following picture. Do you see something that is rather rare to find?

Did you find it? If you didn’t find it, look at the saddle pin. There you can find a pretty rare part. It’s a NOS suspension seat post, which looks awesome but also works great!

During the past months, I got to know Klaas a little and one of the things that I found awesome about him, is that he’s always able the find NOS parts (New Old Stock). 

It’s all about the colour and chrome

Admit it, this candy purple Puch Maxi N looks so clean. Something that I like a lot about this project is the combination of the candy purple (with metallic flakes) colour and chrome parts.

You can probably imagine that, besides some new parts like the fenders, some parts required a lot of polishing. Once again, Klaas did an outstanding job which results in a very clean Puch Maxi.

Whitewall tires for the finishing touch

Something Klaas and myself  have in common (besides the passion for Puch mopeds) is a fetish for whitewall tires.

By adding some whitewall tires, Klaas really managed to give the Puch a retro look. In the beginning of this post, I combined modern and retro. This is were modern and retro meets.

The whitewall tires ( + the fact that it’s an old Puch Maxi N) give it a real retro look. On the other hand, the candy purple colour and the chrome parts also give it a modern touch.

So that’s why I say, this is a sweet looking modern retro candy purple Puch maxi N. 

About the setup

  • Carburator: original bing
  • Cillinder: supermaxi
  • Exhaust: standard cigar
  • Kick start engine
  • More to be added soon

The sound of the candy purple queen

It’s pretty hard to write about the sound. I can tell you that sound is as clean as it looks. But you want to hear it yourself.

In the following YouTube video you can experience the sound of this beautiful Candy Purple Puch Maxi N. Enjoy!

More pictures of the Candy Purple Puch Maxi N


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