The Custom Puch Maxi Racer by Youri

  1. The setup of this Puch Moped
  2. The colours used for this Puch build
  3. The frame of the Puch build
  4. The Crazy sound of this beast!
  5. My personal opinion as a moped hunter
  6. Summary – the key elements

About the Custom Puch Maxi Racer build

Do you want some inspiration to build a Custom Puch Maxi Racer? Well this Puch project of Youri will certainly inspire you! This moped used to be an original Puch Maxi 2speed but that’s hard to see now, right? With a total budget spent of 1900 Euro’s and working on this moped every weekend for 2 years on a row, the end result is really amazing.

The Puch Maxi Racer Build

Custom Puch Maxi Racer Build
The Custom Puch Maxi Racer build by Youri. An amazing project!

How it looked before

How the Puch Maxi looked before the transformation.


I hope you like this custom Puch Maxi racer as much as I do. Certainly check-out the video where you will hear the massive sound of this Custom Puch Maxi racer!

[sta_anchor id=”setup”]The setup of this Puch moped[/sta_anchor]

Here you can find the setup used by Youri. With this setup Youri reaches a top speed of 80 kph (49,7 mph), now that doesn’t really sound street legal Youri (:-))!

  • Cilinder: 72cc Airsal
  • Carburator: Ua19s  Dellorto
  • Jet size: 88
  • Engine: Puch Z50 2v
  • Exhaust: Proma cc ( & Homoet silencer)
Puch Maxi Cafe Racer - The setup
The setup used results in a massive sound!

The Puch build riding!

[sta_anchor id=”colours”]The colours used for this Puch build[/sta_anchor]

I call myself a Puch moped hunter! I am always on the lookout for new amazing Puch projects. When I saw this build by Youri, I firstly thought, which moped is this? It’s really hard to see that this racer build used to be a 1980 original Puch Maxi…

Youri has chosen an excellent colour combination, I am a big fan of combining blue with white and little bit of gold. But how did Youri come up with the way he painted his moped? Well, he told us his secret, he got his inspiration from a C1 Corvette.

The design of the C1 Corvette
Source: SM Classic cars

The design of the Custom Puch Maxi racer

Puch Maxi Caferacer by Youri
The Puch Maxi Racer build by Youri. The colours are inspired on a C1 Corvette.

[sta_anchor id=”frame”]The frame of the Puch build[/sta_anchor]

Youri told us that the painting took a pretty long time, but if we look at the end result, patience certainly pays off! This also counts for what he did with the frame, which is the work of a real professional! Where most Puch builders use for example an EBR bar to connect the upper side of the frame, Youri went 10 steps further. He used a 1.55mm thick steel sheet metal which is bended by using a bar located under the steel sheet.

Youri Puch Maxi Cafe-racer
The sheet steel used by Youri, bended using a bar underneath the plate.

[sta_anchor id=”sound”]The crazy sound of this beast![/sta_anchor]

With a 72cc Airsal cilinder, a Ua19s Dellorto and Proma cc exhaust, this Puch must make a mad sound! And it surely does. To hear the massive sound of this Puch Racer check out this video!

The Massive sound of this Puch Racer[sta_anchor id=”sound” /]

[sta_anchor id=”hunter”]My personal opinion as a moped hunter[/sta_anchor]

I believe this project is an example of pure craftsmanship. Not many people can make what Youri has made, and certainly I can’t. Yesracers are hot and this project is a good example of why they are so hot. The sound is massive and must blow people away when passing through… Perhaps one little thing I would add are white wall tires. The combination of blue & white is top notch, adding white wall tires might be the cherry on the pie, but that’s just what I think. The most important thing is that you are proud of your project, and I can imagine you are Youri! I look forward seeing your next project!

[sta_anchor id=”summary”]Summary – the key elements[/sta_anchor]

Type of Puch Puch maxi 2 speed
Time spent 2 years, every Saturday
Budget spent About 1900 Euro
Build year Should be 1980
Cillinder 72cc Airsal
Carburator  Ua19s  dellorto
Jet 88
Engine Z50 2v
Exhaust Proma cc with Homoet silencer
Wheels   17 inch (originally from a Kreidler)
Tires Sava
Front Fork EBR
Top Speed 80 km/h
 About Youri Age: 23
Puch lover since his 16
Location: The Netherlands
What Youri is really proud of The Frame and wheels. This took a big part of the total project.
 What was the hardest thing to do during the build? Finding everything to be put together. The painting was also something that took a pretty long time. The colour was taken from a design of a C1 Corvette.
Youri, you really made your Puch Great Again! Congratulations!!

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