About Thomas & His Golden Puch Maxi S

I am the guy that started the Instagram account Make Puch Great Again’. If you are following us, you probably already have seen my Golden Puch Maxi. It’s my number one love  (sorry to my girl…).

Me and my girl working on my Golden Puch Maxi
Me and my girl working on my Golden Puch Maxi

I used to be an asshole…

Let me short on this, I was a real asshole… Why? Well I am the owner of this Golden Puch Maxi S since I was 16 years old (13 years now!). I bought it for 150 Euro’s (184 dollars) and it had a maximum speed of 30 km/h. I had a lot of fun with it, driving it, working on it, etc. But then I started studying at the university far away from my hometown. For 5 years I have let my lady outside, I left her for dead. God she must have had a terrible time!

And suddenly Make Puch Great Again was born…

The post where I firstly used ‘Make Puch Great Again

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.56.43.png

About a year ago my mom and dad said, Thomas I will bring your moped to the dump, it’s totally rotten and it’s no longer worth a penny. After hearing this, I got overwhelmed by a certain feeling, difficult to describe, I couldn’t believe my ears and I said no! I’ll Make my Puch Great Again!  Thank you mom and dad for this eye-opener!]

The Puch Maxi before / after


I am sorry to say that I lost most of the pictures that I took before and during the project. There are still a few which I am pleased to share, but please note that the state in which I have let my Puch Maxi rotten, was a lot worser then the pictures are showing…

During the project
After cleaning up, I was able to remove most of the rust.


The original color of the frame was and still is gold. We don’t see this colour very often and I wanted to keep it that way. I was thinking about changing it to e.g. a metallic blue color, but as I do wanted to keep the authentic character, I only cleaned the frame and used some wax to let the original colour revive.

Need attention? Use chrome. When I go for a ride, I see a lot of people looking. Why is that? First of all, seeing a dude cruising on an old moped isn’t that common where I live… Next to that I used some chrome parts as well. For example my exhaust, shocks, headlight and fender are in chrome. I did this on purpose, chrome gives new life to your old moped and when you go for a ride in the sun it shines like a star. My advice: try to clean your chrome parts on a regular basis with chrome cleaner. It’s amazing what a little chrome cleaner does with the chrome parts.

Puch Headlight Chrome

Use a white colour for the finishing touch. Last but not least, I used the white colour. The decals for example used to be in orange. Not the best choice I believe. I changed this to white Puch decals. Together with a white buddyseat and handles it gives that finishing, clean touch to my Puch Maxi.

The setup of the Golden Puch Maxi

Defining the setup was a big hassle. My Puch Maxi used to have a 50cc cilinder but with a limitation of 30km/h. On the following picture you can see how this cilinder is limited at the inlet. I tried to make it wider but after hours of drilling it became clear that it is impossible. My advice, don’t try it yourself, just buy a new 50cc cilinder with no limiter.

The setup I have used is not that crazy, more standard and this was the purpose. I wanted to be able to ride my Puch Maxi without getting the risks of cops taking my lady away. Although she does run 55km/h on GPS.

The setup:

  • 50cc airsal (old Model)
  • 12 mm bing ori
  • Jet: 60
  • Exhaust: RS Cigar
  • Air filter: Standard Air filter

Youtube Video

My biggest challenge? Rust!

My biggest challenge was removing all the rust and certainly the rust in the tank. I tried a lot of things, soda, coca cola, acid, etc but I just couldn’t remove the rust that was terrorising my tank. So How did I remove the rust? Well the only thing that did help was tank cure. The interior was so badly affected that I first had to degrease it, then use Tank Cure Rust Remover and last but not least tank cure tankcoating. The result: no more rust in my fuel! 

What am I going to do next?

I got to fix the fenders and cables!! The cables need to be shortened and I also need to buy the right fender. I have foreseen to this very shortly… Next to that, I recently bought two new old Puch Maxi’s.  I can’t wait to Make those Puch Maxi’s Great Again!

Chrome luggage tank carrier, where to buy?

I used a chrome luggage tank carrier on my Puch Maxi which a lot of people like a lot! It’s the perfect way to give a sweet chrome touch to your Puch Maxi.  If you would love to buy it or get more information click hereor on the following picture.

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