The 1980 Grey Puch Magnum by Chris! 

Grey Puch Magnum Harlowe
The 1980 Grey Puch Magnum by Chris Harlowe

About the owner of this sweet 1980 Grey Puch Magnum

Chris Harlowe is one hell of a great Puch builder living in ‘fan district’ – Virginia (United States). We spotted his Grey Puch Magnum on Instagram. We simply asked if we could feature his 1980 Grey Puch Magnum on our website and Chris was very enthusiastic to bring his Puch project to the world of Puch! Thanks man! If you like this as well, check-out his Instagram page @harlowe. Please be aware that he also got 2 cats…

In this short post we want to show you how the 1980 Grey Puch Magnum looked before it got into the hands of Chris and how it looks after Chris treated this lady. Please note that Chris probably will never say ‘now I’m finished’ since he’s currently rebuilding his Puch Magnum again.

How did the Puch Magnum look like?

The state in which the Puch Magnum was found by Chris, was an absolute disgrace… Should the name ‘mopedtrash‘ come from how it used to be?

But then what Chris made of this lady is just damn awesome!

How the Puch Magnum looks after it met Chris

You must agree that what Chris did, is an very good example of how to Make Puch Great Again!

What’s the setup of his Grey Puch Magnum?

Yeah I know guys, we all want to know which setup Chris has selected for his Grey Puch Magnum… Well here it is!

An E50 Engine with a ported Athene AJH 70 CC Kit, high compression head, boyseen 2 stage reeds, HPI minorotor ignition and a race crank. That must make a sweet sound and a lovely topspeed! With 96 km/h (60 mp/h), I believe I would sh*t my pants!

  • Engine: E50 Engine
  • Cilinder: ported Athena AJH 70cc kit with high compression head
  • Exhaust: Puch Black Pipe (treats)
  • Carburator: Dellorto 21mm phbg
  • Reed: Boyseen 2 stage reeds
  • Crank: Race Crank
  • Clutch: Braced 2 shoe clutch with kickstart springs
  • Ignition: HPI minirotor ignition
  • Front forks: Honda XR70
  • Rear shocks: Maxi length adjustable rear shocks
  • Colour: 1970’s Mercedes grey paint
  • Seat cover: Ms Tammicat
  • Tires: 2.5″ Gazelles

What’s next?

So it appears that Chris is one of those guys who can’t sit still. He is currently rebuilding his Puch Magnum again! Well we can’t wait to see the final results Chris!

Goodluck and Make Puch Great Again!

Puch Magnum - Harlow - Current build
Harlowe is working on his grey Puch Magnum again! We look forward seeing the end results!