About the Puch lover Iso.Grail 

Iso.Grail aka Bas Veldhuizen is a 26 years old (young..) Puch lover. He’s what we could call, a real Puch lover. Why? Look at his projects, and you will see why.

About Bas Veldhuizen
Total mopeds restored  16 done so far
Next Puch project A classic Puch VS50L
Main hobby Releasing his creativity on two-stroke mopeds
 Profession Mechatronics mechanic
 Location Utrecht (Netherlands)

Key Take-aways of Bas aka Iso.Grail.

  • Look around Their is inspiration to be found everywhere. Even in a radio from 1962.
  • Limit your costs If you want to limit the cost, sell your old parts. Look around at websites that sell used parts and visit a lot of oldtimer fairs.
  • Go for perfection – the mindset ‘‘ok it runs, I’m finished’ is not the mindset you need when you want to deliver great results.
  • Be creative Puch maxi is the perfect moped to release your creativity on. Creativity is key to success.
  • Don’t pay too much for a Puch Maxi Puch Maxi’s have always been known to be affordable and unless it’s excellently restored, don’t pay more than 300 euros.

About his Puch Projects

How the Puch Love began.

Bas started this amazing hobby when he was 16 years old with a classic Puch Maxi. Falling in love with Puch was a coincidence. It was his neighbour who rebuild a Puch Maxi for his son. But his son refused, he wanted a Puch ZIP instead. This moment was a special moment for Bas, this was the moment when he felt in Love with Puch.

“When I saw this Puch maxi, I thought ‘what an amazing machine!’.
I got to have it.”

Time and Money

A real handy man uses his time wisely

16 Puch mopeds in 10 years. That’s amazing but also a bit time consuming and expensive we thought..

Bas agreed it’s time consuming. The time spent per Puch project depends on the time he has have left next to his full time job. In most cases he finishes a project in a month. His newest project ( on which he’s currently working on) is a classic Puch VS50L and will be a project of longer breath.

Puch VS50L
Puch VS50L the next project of Bas

Money Money Money …

If you start a Puch project you need money, right?

Bas is one of those guys who really knows how to finish a Puch project without hurting the wallet to much... He said: first of all a Puch maxi is not the most expensive moped in the world. That already helps. I believe my most expensive project had a price tag of 800 to 900 euros.

It’s important that you monitor your expenses per project and try to keep the total cost as low as possible. Here are a few advices on how to lower the costs:

  • Do as much as you can by yourself.
    Polishing and painting for example are things you can do by yourself. If you don’t know how, look on the internet. There is so much information available.
  • Sell the old parts.
    When you are doing a Puch project, their are always parts (older parts) that you don’t need anymore. Those parts are not useless. A lot of other Puch lovers can use these parts for their project. So selling those parts helps you to reduce the total project cost significantly.
  • A Puch Maxi should not be an expensive moped.
    On the internet we already see some people selling their Puch Maxi for a price that’s way to high. Don’t get fooled. Yes the prices have risen in the recent years, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay 600 Euro for a standard, rusty Puch Maxi.
  • Research before your buy.
    There are several shops specialised in Puch parts. I often shop at Puchshop.de. In the Netherlands we also have a website called ‘www.marktplaats.nl’ which is a website for second handed parts. Besides that, you can also find a lot of parts on oldtimer moped fairs.

Ready for demolition, yes!

A perfect looking Puch Maxi is not what Bas is looking for. Their must be a challenge for him. He only wants those Puch Maxi’s that are ready for demolition. Now that’s a challenge!

“A perfect looking Puch maxi is boring…”

It’s all about the colours

If you look at the the Puch gallery of Bas (see below). You’ll see that the colours used are not that “regular”. How did you come up with those colours Bas?!

Well, he said. it’s easy. You just need to look around. Their are so many colours present everywhere so you can get inspiration anywhere. For example, in case of the MK11, I got my inspiration of an old Philips radio from 1962. When I looked at it, I saw a perfect combination of ‘beige’ and ‘brown’ so I used that for the MK11. But you never know how it will turn up finally, so that’s always an exciting moment. In my opinion, I did a good job. – Well Bas, we totally agree on that!!

16 Puch projects. Where to put them?

Well now the counter is on 17 Puch projects, incl the new Puch V50L project. But it’s true that they take a lot of space… It’s just a matter of being creative. For example. I don’t want to sell my projects, I love them too much. So what can you do to fully give the recognition that you Puch projects deserves? Well put them in a shop for example. Just ask them, shops love good decoration. When it’s summer, I get them back and drive them back home.

Iso.Grail the speed monster?

Haha, well let’s say speed is not that important for me – Bas said and laughed -. Although I have to admit that the standard speed limit of 45 km/h is too slow. In most cases my Puch mopeds runs about 60 -65 km/h thanks to a bigger carb, exhaust and 6 ported cillinders also drives pretty nice! The fastest Puch project that I ever had, is the green MK4 with a top speed of 82 km/h. The police couldn’t laugh when they caught me!

The biggest challenge when working on a Puch Project? 

Well, I’m going to be honest, I love perfection – I’m a real perfectionist. My biggest challenge is to let the moped run perfectly. There is always something that’s not 100% right, and it’s always a challenge to fix that.

“Ok it runs, is not the right mindset your Puch deserves.
It must be perfect.”

Do you have a Puch ready for demolition?

If you have a Puch Maxi (or other types) that’s ready for demolition, and you don’t want to throw it away, Bas is the man you need. He will threat your Puch with a lot of love and Make your Puch Great Again.. For more info contact us here.

Iso.Grail’s Puch Gallery

[sta_anchor id=”anchor1″ /] In this article we already shared you some awesome pictures! But we have many more to show. We have created a Puch photo gallery dedicated to the Puch projects of Bas. Here you can see the results of the combination between perfection and inspiration. Enjoy!

See the full gallery


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