The MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust

In this post we review the MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust. Thomas (Instagram account: Tomte4Play was so kind to share his experience with us. What makes the MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust so special? Is it worth the price (which is higher priced)? And how it sounds are some of the things we will share with you here.

General Details

The MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust is suitable for Puch Maxi equiped with flat ported cillinders: stock, Airsal, Polini, Athena, …

It has a hidden expansion chamber in the tube and has the following measurements:

  • A: 870mm length
  • B: 260mm length 
  • C: 610mm length 
  • D: 28mm outer diameter
  • E: 25mm inner diameter

The sound of the MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust

When we asked Thomas what he thought about the sound, he replied:

The sound its great , it sounds similar to the factory exhaust , in a sense that it doesn’t sounds like a crazy tuning exhaust. With my setup (see below), I hear the typical 2-stroke 50ccm moped sound when I release throttle.

If you don’t let your exhaust pop/shot flames so often as I do… the exhaust is very quite and pretty similar to the original stock exhaust. The exhaust sounds a bit deeper than the original exhaust, and more like a 50ccm 2 stroke moped , I love the sound of it a lot!!

Setup used with the MLM Exhaust pipe

The swiss version of the ZA50G what was ment only to drive about 30kmh, because the different gearing didn’t made it possible. The G in ZA50G stands for Gebläse gekühlt.

It now is 60/65 ccm (I’m not sure if its 60 or 65 ) air cooled SLN cylinder kit A original 14mm bing carb with a 48/50 main jet size and 14:39 Gear Ratio.

About the performance of the MLM Silent Ninja pipe

The main difference I’ve experienced, was the power when I started driving at a hill/flat surface when I accelerate.

With the stock 22mm exhaust I got more power but the max speed was just about 30/33 km/h. With the MLM Silent ninja the start to roll acceleration is a bit slower than with the original exhaust but if it rolls once the acceleration is quicker and at around 30/35 kmh when the reso kicks in , you can feel the boost and the acceleration is faster when the resonance starts working. My current topspeed is 51km/h. I also did a test at the Dyno as well and on the dyno my setup runs 48 kmh at 5’200 rpm with 2.3 HP

Pictures of the MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust

SoundCheck of the MLM Silent Ninja Exhaust

Questions and answers!

Do you own a MLM Silent Ninja exhaust? Feel free to answer (anonymously or not). Do you have a question? Feel also free to share it!

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