Puch Magnum for the win!

The Puch Magnum of Richard has the most Likes on our Instagram account during the month of October (instagram account @make.puch.great.again).

Congratulations to Richard Kinney, our American Puch  friend.

A lot of people are jealous… of course. Who doesn’t want to own such a beauty? Not only does the Puch of Richard makes Puch great again, it has inspired more than 2600 people. How cool is that? It’s not just a Moped, it’s art. No art from an unknown artist, but a real ‘Mona Lisa’.

Keep this pearl Richard, don’t you ever change nor sell it. Enjoy it and keep making Puch great again!

22323818_2018275598407953_1507762322_o (1).jpg

The results on the instagram account @make.puch.great.again




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