The very first Puch Battle in the world!

Here you can find all results of the Instagram (story) Puch Battle.

Search by your Instagram name and see how you have scored according to a lot of other Puch Lovers! If you want to join this battle, simply upload your Puch here.

What does the % mean?

The % is an indicator which tells you if you have made your Puch great again!

  • 0 – 50% 👌: your Puch is not yet made great again… try again later!
  • 50%-75% 👌: your Puch is made great again but you might need to do a few modifications
  • 75% – 100% 👌: your Puch moped is top! It’s the perfect example of how to make your Puch great again!

Can I win something?

If your Puch Moped scores at least 90% you will receive an awesome Puch sticker! We will contact the winners once the stickers have arrived :-).


The results

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