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Puch Alert! New: VEC electronic ignition coil

Just Plug en Play! 

New Vec Ignition Coil

No more hassle with replacing the Ignition Coil, breaking points and capacitor! 

  • Suitable for Puch Maxi and all Puch mopeds with 2, – 3, and 4. Geared motor
  • Also for Kreidler, Zündapp, Sachs, Hercules, Tomos with Bosch or Iskra ignitions
  • Suitable for 6v en 12v
  • Start rpm 400, max rpm 10000
  • Suitable for left- and right turning engines
  • Replaces ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor
  • Simple conversion of a contact-controlled into a contactless electronic ignition. Remove old ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor, install ignition module – done!

What does it cost and where can I buy it? 

The last time we checked it was only 54,95 Euro. For more information or to buy, click here.