Win a gift voucher of 50 Euro to Make your Puch Great Again! 

How to win this Gift voucher

This giveaway is already over. Congratulations to Dave from Switzerland who won this giveaway!

All you need is an Instagram account. If you don’t have Instagram yet, no worries! We will keep future giveaways also on Facebook and other channels! We truly want to help you to Make your Puch Great Again. Go to the end of the page if you don’t have Instagram.

What you need to do to participate

  • STEP 1. Share the following image on your Instagram account
  • STEP 2. Mention @make.puch.great.again
  • STEP 3. Tag @make.puch.great.again
  • Goodluck!

The image to be shared on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.01.45

When will I know that I have won?

Sunday 14 januari 2018, we will announce the official winner of the gift voucher! By the way, you don’t need to be from a specific region. Everybody can participate! If you live in Europe, in the United States, … Everybody is free to participate.

But I’m not on Instagram, can I still participate? 

For this giveaway you can’t, sorry. But we will keep future giveaways also on facebook and through other channels. Do you want to receive a notification when we launch the next giveaway, then subscribe hereunder!

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