About the Puch M50

The Puch M50, not a Puch model that you see very often but probably one of the most special models Puch has ever made. If you look at the M50, you will certainly agree that this model has a lot of the looks of a motorcycle. During the years 1967 – 1976, Puch produced this model in several types (Puch M50 Grandprix for example). During that time, there was a bigger market demand to motorcycling looking mopeds.

The picture hereunder shows you a Puch M50 cross model (owner Kevin Twertek of Austria).

Currently we are lacking information about the Puch M50 and the differences between the different model types. That’s why we will make it our mission to get to know more about this Puch moped.

Do you know anything about the Puch M50? Let us know!

If you know anything about the Puch M50, just give us a shout!(thomas@makepuchgreatagain.com). Your help will be very welcome!