The Awesome Puch Magnum X by Adolfo M. 

It’s our pleasure to share with you our very first post of a Puch Magnum X! For this post we have the honour to present you an awesome, Marlboro Themed, Puch Magnum X by the owner Adolfo M.  Enjoy the reading!


About the Puch Magnum X –  A Puch Dirt Bike

The Puch Magnum X is a moped that we don’t see very often and is to be classified as a Puch dirt bike. It has the most powerful 50cc engine (automatic) that Puch ever made,  it made 3.5HP while other pedal mopeds got 1 to 2 HP. The Puch Magnum X was mainly produced between the years1974 and 1979 (bike-urious, 2015) and the X in the name of this moped refers to the cross version of the Puch Magnum.

We, at Make Puch Great Again, are very lucky to present you one of the most awesome Puch Magnum X we have ever seen, by the American creator ‘Adolfo M’.


About the Puch Magnum X by Adolfo M.

Puch Magnum X Dirt Bike

This Puch Magnum X a.k.a. Marlboro X belongs to the American owner Adolfo M. (Texas) and runs with a Tomos streetmate disc brake, fork and wheels. To accommodate the larger rear wheel, the owner had to stretch the swingarm. The tires are 3″ knobby tires and is geared for allround riding.

The owner spent about 850 Euros (1000 Dollars) on this project, including the purchase of the Magnum X. Now that’s pretty ok, isn’t it? This project was finished in a few months during the little spare time the owner had left.

Puch Magnum X Dirt Bike

If you are the owner of a Puch Magnum X you might notice that this Magnum X has a special headlight, right? If I’m not wrong, the Puch Magnum X often didn’t come with a headlight. However the owner used a smaller led bullet style headlight.


Setup and topspeed of this Magnum X

You might wonder what the setup of this Magnum X is, well the owner has used:

  • Gila 74cc cylinder kit with modified piston
  • Stock reeds
  • VM20 Carburetor
  • MLM BK100 Pipe
  • Jammer Clutch
  • HPI Ignition

”This bike pulls hard, sorta scary 😬!”

Topspeed? The topspeed is currently not yet measured, but before tuning it already ran 92 km/h (57mph). One thing that scares the owner a lot is the fact that this bike pulls very hard. 

Puch Magnum X Dirt Bike


Why a Marlboro themed Puch Moped? 

This is the first time that we saw a Puch moped themed to a cigarettes brand. We wanted to know why and so we asked the owner.

The owner explains:
I used to smoke a lot and I’ve been trying to quit recently actually… However, Marlboro used to make a lot of vintage clothes and memorabilia back in the days. I have a few vintage Marlboro jackets and even some vintage Marlboro leather gloves for riding! I’ve always liked the vintage clothes and stuff they made, so I wanted to build a vintage bike that was Marlboro themed.

Puch Magnum X Dirt Bike


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