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The Puch Maxi Chopper / Bobber by Bart Snellen

Bart explains his project: Almost all parts are custom made parts or aftermarket parts. It’s a never-ending project, I have spend lots of hours an money in this one!

The setup:
Tuned 50cc power one cylinder
Homoet p6 PSR exhaust
17.5mm Dellorto Carburator
Incl an alarm system and Rear footbrake!
Topspeed: 80 km/h


The Setup and topspeed of The Joker:

Cylinder: 75cc Gilardoni(47mm) ⊕  Gilardoni (47mm) Cylinder head. Exhaust:  Simonini carbon edition ⊕ a lot of Powerwrap. Intake :  stage6 R/T 21mm carburettor with inlet funnel from Stage6 in orange ⊕ custom made studs. Ignition system: Hpi type 2.

Front brake system:  R-setup 260mm stainless ⊕ stage6 4 piston caliber in orange. Rear brake system: 200mm custom made and rust free ⊕ 2 piston caliber.

Topspeed: + 100 KM/H

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