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The Rat Racer by Klaas

We already shared some project by Klaas, for example on our page The best Puch Maxi Mopeds of 2018 but this 1971 Puch Maxi N Rat tracker project is one of his most recent builds and it’s a badass project!!

Puch Maxi Rat Tracker

Specs and setup

Some interesting specs of this build are: a 74cc Metrakit cylinder, 21mm Dellorto carb, a Simonini exhaust, 2x 2.75 Anlan NR-7 tires (white wall tires) and a sweet Polini seat. 

This project’s topspeed isn’t measured yet, but we’ll update the page as soon as it is. 

Be honest, this project has some awesome looks. It has a badass rusty colour and an awesome led variable headlight. But the real beauty is in the smaller details. Check the titanium gold bolts and the 2 small rear lights. Just perfect.

The colour of the frame

If you’re wondering what color is used, it’s “gold rusty”. Klaas removed the paint (until only the metal was left) and waited until nature did its work (rust ;-)). After that, he treated the frame with Owatrol so that the frame can’t rust any further. The engine is painted in black (matt) Motip paint from Motip (heat resistant)

Some more pictures of this crazy Puch Maxi Rat Racer (tracker) project:


The Puch Maxi Racer by Jeff Larsen

The owner explains his project: I started from scratch, only a frame and a stock engine blok but I ended up with this 75cc and disc brake powered Puch Maxi Racer. It got painted with a VHT rinkel finish in black.

Jeff calls this Puch Maxi Racer ‘The Joker‘. If you look at the setup, you’ll agree that you don’t want to joke with this big boy.

The Setup and topspeed of The Joker:

Cylinder: 75cc Gilardoni(47mm) & Gilardoni (47mm) Cylinder head.
Exhaust Simonini carbon edition & a lot of Powerwrap.
Intake :  stage6 R/T 21mm carburettor with inlet funnel from Stage6 in orange and custom made studs.
Ignition system: Hpi type 2.
Front brake system:  R-setup 260mm stainless & stage6 4 piston caliber in orange.
Rear brake system: 200mm custom made (and rust free) + 2 piston caliber.
Topspeed: + 100 KM/H


The Grey Puch Maxi S Racer. by Maxi R.

This Grey Puch Maxi S by the owner Maxi R. is an expensive awesome beast!  If you ask me, this Puch maxi looks really awesome. A great colour combination of grey, yellow, black and the use of white wall tires makes us want to eat this project.

The looks are awesome and so is the setup. The setup used results in a top speed of +100 km/h. The German owner Maxi spent ca. 2500 Euros in this project and more importantly a lot of hours of quality time.

The Setup and topspeed 

A lot of the budget for this Puch project was spent on pretty expensive Puch parts such as:

Cylinder: 75cc Italkit
Exhaust Simonini Exhaust
Crankshaft: DMP crankshaft 2.0
Carburator: 21er Stage Pwk,
Air filter: Ramair Airfilter
Other: HK Clutch, PVL Inner rotor ignition, TOP Membrane
Topspeed: +100 km/h

A lot of parts are original others are bought new. If you look at the inlet than you’ll see a custom 3D printed inlet. The headlight is foiled with a yellow foil resulting in a clean looking finished Puch Maxi custom build.

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