Puch Maxi Setup Table – 50CC CYLINDERS

Together with 70+ people we have created a Puch Maxi setup table for 50cc cylinders. We are still adding setups each month. If you would like to submit your Puch Maxi setup, click here.

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Puch Maxi Setup Table

Filter and sort. In this table we have made it possible to filter and sort on different things. You can filter on Puch Maxi cylinders ( brands and types), carburetors, gearing, air filters and exhausts. You can filter on multiple things at once (e.g. Airsal and Athena Cylinders, 12 and 15mm Bing).

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Cylinder BrandCylinder TypeCarburetorJet SizeGearingAir filterExhaustTopspeed in km/hTopspeed in mp/h
Original50cc original12mm Bing5213/45Standard air filter18mm Standard Puch Exhaust4528
Airsal50cc Airsal10mm Bing5815/45Standard air filter18mm Standard Puch Exhaust4528
Original50cc original (25km/h limited)12mm BingStandard air filter18mm Standard Puch Exhaust4226
Original50cc original12mm Bing6415/45Standard air filter22mm 2part orginal5534
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing5613/45Standard air filter modified22mm 2part orginal5635
Swiing50cc Swiing12mm Bing5715/44Standard air filter22mm 2part replica6037
Airsal50cc Airsal16mm Dellorto SHA6616/44Dellorto standard22mm Standard Puch Exhaust5333
Original50cc original12mm Bing5815/45Power filter22mm Standard Puch Exhaust3220
Original50cc original15mm Bing5816/45Standard air filter22mm Standard Puch Exhaust4528
PSR50cc PSR15mm Bing70Standard air filter22mm Standard Puch Exhaust5031
Original50cc original12mm Bing15/45Standard air filter22mm Standard Puch Exhaust5031
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm BingStandard air filter22mm Standard Puch Exhaust3622
Swiing50cc Swiing12mm Swiing5616/45Standard air filter modified22mm Standard Puch Exhaust6037
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing5615/45Standard air filter modified22mm Standard Puch Exhaust5534
PSR50cc PSR12mm Bing6015/45Standard air filter modified22mm Standard Puch Exhaust6037
Swiing50cc Swiing15mm Swiing68Standard air filter modified22mm Standard Puch Exhaust4830
Swiss model50cc Swiss Model12mm Bing48-52Tube with net22mm Standard Puch Exhaust5031
PSR50cc PSR15mm Bing6412/45None22mm Tecno Original look5534
Original50cc original14mm Bing 6013/45Standard air filter22mm Tecno Original look5534
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing6215/45Standard air filter22mm Tecno Original look5333
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm BingStandard air filter22mm Tecno Original look5434
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm Bing64-6614/45Standard air filter modified22mm Tecno Original look5635
Power One50cc Power One12mm Bing6415/45Standard air filter25mm Biturbo5836
Power One50cc Power One12mm Bing6215/45Standard air filter25mm Biturbo gold 5836
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing7215/45KN sport28mm6540
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm Bing6412/52Open air filter28mm Biturbo6943
Power One50cc Power One18mm Bing7015/45Standard air filter modified28mm Biturbo7043
Airsal50cc Airsal T615mm Bing7814/45Sport air filter28mm Bullit 6641
Airsal50cc Airsal fast15mm Dellorto 7015/45Power filter28mm Cigar exhaust7043
Original50cc original14mm Bing 6615/45Standard air filter modified28mm Homoet P45735
Original50cc original12mm Bing5815/45Power filter28mm RS Cigar Exhaust5232
Airsal50cc Airsal (new model)15mm Bing7015/45Power filter28mm RS Cigar Exhaust6037
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing6212/45Standard air filter28mm RS Cigar Exhaust6037
PSR50cc PSR + high compression head15mm Bing6814/45Standard air filter28mm RS Cigar Exhaust5534
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm Bing7214/45Standard air filter modified28mm RS Cigar Exhaust6037
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing5416/45Standard air filter modified28mm RS Cigar Exhaust4729
PSR50cc PSR16mm Dellorto PHBG 7215/45Athena 28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust7547
PSR50cc PSR 6 port15mm Bing6813/45Easy flow airfilter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust5232
Athena50cc Athena15mm Bing7416/45Sport air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust8050
Athena50cc Athena15mm Bing7416/45Sport air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust8251
Airsal50cc Airsal T615mm Bing7814/45Sport air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust6540
Original50cc original12mm Bing6415/45Standard air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust4226
DMP50cc DMP 4 port12mm Bing6415/45Standard air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust6540
Original50cc original14mm Bing 6413/42Standard air filter28mm Tecno Bos Exhaust6540
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing8414/45Power filter28mm Tecno orginal look Exhaust5333
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm BingPower filter28mm Tecno orginal look Exhaust5333
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing6415/45Standard air filter28mm Tecno orginal look Exhaust5031
PSR50cc PSR15mm Bing7213/45Standard air filter28mm Tecno orginal look Exhaust5031
Airsal50cc Airsal fast15mm Bing7416/45Standard air filter28mm Tecno orginal look Exhaust7144
Airsal50cc Airsal T615mm BingOpen air filterBiturbo Exhaust7043
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm Bing64Tuning air filterBiturbo Exhaust7043
Original50cc original12mm Bing5617/45Power filterBos expansion exhaust5031
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm square Bing type 185416/45Standard air filterCigar exhaust6842
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing8013/42Standard air filter modifiedHomoet P46037
Airsal50cc Airsal12mm BingPod filterHomoet P65534
Athena50cc Athena AJH21mm Dellorto PHBG9213/48twin air airfilterHomoet P68452
Airsal50cc Airsal15mm Bing6414/46Sport air filterHomoet P87043
Original50cc original (magnum)21mm Dellorto PHBG8816/40Velocity stackMLM magnum people's pipe8452
Original50cc original12mm Bing15/45Standard air filterOriginal Puch exhaust4528
PSR50cc PSR12mm Bing6814/45Standard air filter modifiedproma cc6742
Airsal50cc Airsal16mm Dellorto SHA15/45Standard air filterProma CC (shortened)6540
Original50cc original12mm Bing6515/45Standard air filterProma cigar 5132
Original50cc original (new model)15mm Bing6816/45Standard air filterProma circuit5534
Airsal50cc Airsal16mm UA Dellorto 7818/36Standard air filter modifiedProma circuit6540
Maxwell50cc Maxwell12mm Bing6215/45Standard air filterProma GP5031
Original50cc original12mm BingStandard air filterProma GP4528
PSR50cc PSR old model15mm Bing8013/36Power one air filterProma snake exhaust6239
DMP50cc DMP 6 port (tuned) 19mm Polini cp9813/48K&N Self made exhaust8251
Original50cc original12mm Bing15/45Power filterSelf tuned exhaust6540
Athena50cc Athena17mm Dellorto 7514/45Tuning air filterTechnigas Next R6037
Original50cc original15mm Bing7210/35Standard air filter modifiedTecno Circuit6037
Airsal50cc Airsal fast15mm Bing8214/46Power filterTecno exhaust 7848
Original50cc original (25km/h limited)12mm Bing62-6614/45Standard air filterTecno Original look Exhaust3522
Original50cc original15mm Bing6215/45Power filterTecno snake exhaust5333


50CC Cylinder Sets In The Picture

 Airsal 50cc cylinder set complete OM (38mm).
Complete with cylinder, piston, head, manifold and 15mm Bing carb (replica), power filter and gaskets |  € 90 | Buy here

50cc Airsal Cylinder Set

 DMP 50cc cylinder set complete (38mm) 
A complete cylinder kit with cylinder, 50cc HD KStar cylinder head, piston, 15mm bing carb (replica), manifold and power filter | € 95  |Buy here


 PSR 50cc cylinder set complete with exhaust!
A complete cylinder set (old model) with cylinder head, 15mm bing carb (replica) manifold, standard air filter, jets and the biturbo gold | € 139 | Buy here

 Athena 50cc cylinder (38mm, Nicasil wall)
Fast 50cc Cylinder for Puch Maxi. Not a cylinder set but a very good cylinder for all day use. Top quality choice with excellent performance. |€ 129,95 | Buy here


This 50cc Cylinder setup table can be used for:


When working on a Puch Maxi, defining the right jet size is one of the most important things to do to make your Puch drive properly. With this setup and jet size table you can easily identify the jet size you will need. The specific jet size is different for each engine, but this table will help you to define at which size to search at.


If you want to make your Puch Maxi go faster, there are different things you can do or adjust. Please note that this is at your own responsibility and that we encourage you to respect your local legislation. With this Puch Maxi setup table, you can see if changing your current setup will result in more speed.


Changing the gearing can have an impact in terms of speed or torque. We have added a columns with gearings so you can check if it would be interesting for you to modify it.


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