Puch Maxi Street Bobber, by Mattia

Mattia Riva is one of the Puch lovers that have joined the Moped Club Camignolo, a moped club based in Switzerland.  In this post I want to show you how Mattia transformed his rusty Puch Maxi N into an amazing street bobber project. Mattia you’re a real Puch artist and a great example of how to make a Puch great again. Enjoy Mattia’s Puch Maxi street bobber project!

Puch Maxi N – How it used to be

I am amazed to see how his Puch Maxi N used to look like. As shown in the following pictures and video, you’ll see that his Puch was ready for the dump. Rust, rust and more rust. The outside and inside of the frame (e.g. the tank) was badly attacked by rust but Mattia managed to transform this rusty old lady into a sexy young princess.

Puch Maxi N – How it looks like today!

Until today, I would never have chosen a yellow color for my Puch projects, but Mattia changed my mind.  I really love the combination of the soft, creamy yellow frame combined with a little chrome and black. Yep, I might even consider to use this color combo for my next project. And I have to say that the whitewall tires really give the finishing touch to this Puch Maxi street bobber project.

If you agree on this and you would like to have whitewall tires yourself, you can buy them here.

Check-out his project on youtube

The project of Mattia is not new to me. We came in contact a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to share his project on our instagram account. But recently I came across the following video on youtube and I couldn’t wait to share this project to everybody. The project of Mattia already got 35000 + hits on youtube, so I hope that you will also like this project as much as I and 35000 other people do.


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