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We are constantly looking and reviewing many Puch Parts. Many other Puch parts & products coming on a very regular bases :-).

Review:  Homoet P4 Exhaust

Homoet P4 back side

The Homoet P4 is a great exhaust for both 50cc and 70cc cylinders. What makes this exhaust a premium exhaust? Martijn shares his experience with the Homoet P4 exhaust.


Review:  RS Cigar Exhaust 

A review  of the RS Cigar Exhaust for Puch Mopeds. 30 People have reviewed this Puch part, here you can find the findings!


Review: Puch Tecno Bos Chrome

A review and score of the Tecno Bos Exhaust for Puch Mopeds. 20 People have reviewed this Puch part, here you can find the findings!


Chrome Tank Luggage Carrier 

The chrome tank luggage carrier is an awesome Puch part for a Puch Maxi S. The tank carrier is available in two colours: chrome and black. I bought it myself a few months ago and it gives a very special chrome touch to your Puch Maxi.


Puch Whitewall tires! 

Hot in the world of Puch – Whitewall tires! This Puch product gives a sweet retro + race touch to your Puch Maxi (or other mopeds). They are relatively cheap to buy compared with the results you get. This Puch part definitely makes your Puch great again!


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The Vec Electronic Ignition Coil

New Vec Ignition Coil

The Vec Electronic Ignition Coil transforms the original ignition coil, breaker points and the capacitor into a contactless electronic ignition. This means that you no longer need to adjust your breaker points since there are no breaker points used any longer.


Triboron: Replaces 2-stroke oil


Triboron two-stroke formula is a patented technology that seems to be the perfect alternative for two-stroke oil to be used by many types of mopeds: Puch, Kreidler, Zündapp, Tomos, Hercules, Sachs and many more. 


Where to Buy Puch Parts? 

where to buy Puch partsA question we often receive is where can I buy my Puch parts? Well there are many companies selling parts for Puch mopeds. However, we do have our preferred supplier that we would recommend for Puch parts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and many other European countries and of course the USA. Our Puch parts supplier is one of the best in fast shipping. For more info, click here.

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