By Martijn Klerks

On this page you’ll find a full review of the Homoet P4 exhaust covering both the plus points as well as the minus points. A special thanks to Martijn Klerks who took the time to share his experiences with us.

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Homoet P4 Exhaust for Puch mopeds by PSR
Homoet P4 Exhaust

The sound of the Homoet P4 exhaust

The sound of the Homoet P4 is awesome. It’s low rumbly and has a nice growl. When running idle and also a bit into the rev range it’s very quiet. Much quieter than a Tecno stock looking exhaust. If you want to hear the sound yourself; on the bottom of this page you can find a high quality sound check.

The powerband and performance

The powerband is a bit of a hard one. The p4 is sold as an exhaust for 50cc and 70cc engine’s but hitting the powerband with a 50cc has proven difficult thus far, but once it hits it’s awesome, it’s very top end happy.

The combination of the Homoet P4 and a good engine adjustment results in a lot of RPM’s! For example, the setup of Martijn is : 50cc Airsal (fast), 12mm Bing, 13-45 gear ratio, topspeed 55km/h. At WOT (wide Open Throttle) he gets 9237 RPM.

Quality, paint and mounting

Quality wise it’s a bit of a toss up. The actual metal is nice and thick. The welds look clean. The packing is nicely done. The welds around the flange are a bit too thick so that might give a little bit of trouble during the mounting process.

Homoet P4 paint damage

The paint looks nice at first, however the paint on the exhaust manifold starts melting off pretty fast. The quality of the paint is not of the highest unfortunately.

Word of advise: mounting with an Airsal cylinder (50cc) can be somehow difficult. You might need to make a bracket because the exhaust was too low an too far out to reach the stock exhaust hanger.

Homoet P4 with bracket
Homoet P4 with bracket


The fact that the Homoet P4 exhaust sounds so awesome, feels so premium and is quiet, totally out-weight the bad points for Martijn. It can easily be repainted, the bracket was only 2 minutes of work and the thick welds where solved easily as well. Overall Martijn is very happy with the exhaust.

Soundcheck Homoet P4

It’s time to to plug in your headphone and listen to the sound of the exhaust. The sound of this HD video was recorded with a studio condensor microphone, pretty good stuff!

Example setups Puch Maxi

Here you can find a few examples of setups where people used the Homoet p4. To view all setups, go to our Puch Maxi setup page.

  • 50 cc Airsal (fast), 12mm Bing, jet 62, gearing 13/45, Homoet p4 exhaust, Standard airfilter (modified), topspeed: 55 km/h
  • 50cc Original, 14mm bing, Jet 66, Homoet p4 exhaust, Standard Air filter (modified), topspeed: 57 km/h
  • 50cc Airsal, 15mm Bing replica, jet 80, gear ratio 13/42, Standard Air filter (modified), Homoet P4 Exhaust, top speed: 60 km/h
  • 70cc Athtena AJH, 15mm Bing original, Jet 72, gearing 15/42, Standard air filter (modified), Homoet p4 exhaust, topspeed: 85km/h and running really good.

Where to buy the Homoet P4

If you are looking for a premium exhaust for your 50cc or 70cc cylinder, that’s top end happy, gives higher RPM’s and with an awesome, yet quiet sound, we advice you to get the Homoet P4 Exhaust here.

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