When rebuilding or restoring a Puch moped, one of the things you want to pay attention to is selecting the right headlight. Experienced Puch builders will agree that it are the details that will make or break your Puch project. Headlights are one of those important details.

On this page we will show you 3 different types of possible headlights (egg, round and square) and some cool stuff you can do with it. Puch Headlights


Egg lights can often be found on the original looking Puch Maxi N and S models and are also sometimes refered to as Bullet lights (just a little fact). Egg-lights mainly come in 2 different sizes, namely small sized (original looking) and large sized.


Red Puch Maxi N with Egg-light
Picture 1. Red Puch Maxi N by Thomas D.

The small sized original Egg light gives a fine and clean touch to your Puch project. On picture 1. you can see the light attached on top of the front-fork and on picture 2 you can see the egg light placed lower on the front fork. Make sure you got the right front fork / Egg light depending on your wishes for what concerns the placement of the headlight.

Egg lamp equiped Blue Puch Maxi N
Puch Maxi N by Stefan with egg lamp

If you are searching for this headlight, you’ll need some luck, they are not easy to find and if you do find them they easily cost +80 Euro (no joke!). Luckily for us there is a very good replica which you can get via this website.

Large Sized Egg headlight

If you want to give your Puch a rather special look, you can go for the large sized egg headlight. Rich for example used the large black egg headlight on his 1975 Puch Maxi project.

You can buy the Large Egg Light here.

Retro Puch Maxi N by Rich

Round Puch Head Light

The round headlight is one of our favorites to be put on mopeds such as the Puch Maxi! Although stock Puch Maxi mopeds where not equipped with these kind of headlights ( correct me if I’m wrong), the round headlight gives an awesome look! Certainly if you want to give your moped a cafe-racer look.

Chrome round Headlight Puch Maxi
The owner is currently missing.. But great project!

You can get this headlight in different colours, such as black and chrome. I would certainly recommend the chrome edition (when cruising around on a sunny day, this headlight looks so shiny).

You can get the chrome headlight here.

Round Head Light with grills

Now the cool thing about these headlights is that you can add that little extra touch, take for example the grill, available in different colours such as the black grill or chrome grill. That looks awesome!

You can get this grill here.

For example you can add a yellow foil on the glas like … did, or add a cool sticker on the glass. Want to make it look a little sporty? Add a chrome or black grill.

A few examples

we are still working on this page frequently so come back regularly to see more!