A selection of 5 Puch Maxi Handlebars

When you’re making your Puch Maxi great again, you want to select the right handle bar. There are many different handlebars suitable for any type of build you want to make, whether you want to ride low, high or normal. 

On this page we show you 5 examples of handlebars used at Puch Maxi mopeds so that you can get some inspiration for your next or current build.


M Handle-Bar – Cafe racer look

€ 11,90 | Buy Here

The M handle-bar for Puch Maxi is one of the most popular for Puch Maxi mopeds. When I was working on my golden Puch Maxi S, I also wanted to add this handle-bar. It gives a nice ‘cafe racer’, sportive look to your Maxi, it’s great for smaller rides and they are pretty cheap! For longer rides you don’t not want to get this one, they aren’t the most ergonomic…

Puch Maxi Cafe Racer by Ronald
Puch Maxi Cafe Racer by Ronald

This handle-bar is available in 3 different types. The small and wide chrome edition or a black version handle bar. When going for the M-steer, you should also consider to shorten the long cables to give it a clean touch.

A project by Johan K.

M Handle-bar | € 11,90 | Buy Here



Would you like to give a cross – racing look to your Puch Maxi, then this one suits you the best!

€ 18,95 | Buy Here

The total length of this handlebar is 80cm wide and it’s available in many different colours, such as: white, black, carbon, blue, chrome, etc.

Some examples of the cross / race handlebar


CROSS Handle bar | € 18,95 |MORE INFO


Twisted Handle bar

25,95 | Buy Here

The twisted handle-bar is a very special one. Like the word says, the metal has been twisted. The outcome of the ‘twisting’ is what I would consider ‘Awesome‘. Take the following project by Bart for example. The twisted handle-bar really gives that extra touch of awesomeness to his Puch Maxi. You can either chose between a high and low twisted handle bar.

Twisted Handle bar | € 25,95 |MORE INFO


Custom Low Chrome Handle Bar

25,49 | Buy Here

If you don’t like the twist, but you do like its structure, than chrome custom low handle bar might be something for you. The total width of this handle bar is 61cm and the height is 12cm. It might be also a good choice if you think original handlebars are to high and the M handle bar is to low.  Take the picture below. This really shows very well how it might look on your Puch Maxi.




€ 69,50 | Buy Here


If you want to monkey around on your Puch Maxi, than the Apehanger handle bar suits you the best. This handle bar literally is for the big boys. If you have short arms, this might not be your best fit… Take the following picture from Christian for example, the Apehanger is an easy way to make your own custom build. Ride high and enjoy the ride.



 More Puch Maxi handlebars to come soon!