About Triboron two-stroke formula 

Triboron two-stroke formula is a patented technology that seems to be the perfect alternative for two-stroke oil to be used by many types of mopeds: Puch, Kreidler, Zündapp, Tomos, Hercules, Sachs and many more. In addition to a sustainable fuel saving (up to 10%), Triboron also reduces harmful emissions of carbon monoxide CO and particulate matter up to 50% and hydrocarbons HC up to 25%. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Triboron two-stroke formula - Concentrate

How to use Triboron?

Triboron two-stroke formula needs to be mixed with petrol (just like two-stroke oil). Triboron can be used for all types of 2 stroke engines that are powered with petrol, biofuel or ethanol.

The mixture ratio to be used is 1:100 ( 10ml per liter fuel). Yes you are reading it right! There are even people riding a mixture ratio of 1:200 (at own responsibility ;-)).

The advantages of Triboron vs. two-stroke oil?

So why should we, two-stroke moped riders use Triboron two-stroke formula instead of two-stroke oil? According to the company ‘future2green’, Triboron has some great advantages:

  • No more smelly, greasy exhaust fumes
  • Significant reduction of harmful emissions
  • Significant reduction of particulate matters
  • Reduction of mechanical friction resulting in more power and lower fuel consumption
  • Optimisation of engine performance and efficiency
  • Protects the engine from wear ( thanks to the used Boron layer)
  • Prevention of engine / exhaust pollution

By using Triboron, you will also please your wallet. How? You will need less of Triboron (1:100 mixing ratio; 1 liter of Triboron per 100 liter of fuel) than two-stroke oil (e.g. 1:50 mixing ratio). Also as stated above, Triboron has a positive impact on your fuel consumption (less mechanical friction). These two factors results in a financial advantage.

My review of Triboron

I got myself a bottle of Triboron two-stroke formulate concentrate and I am ready to test it out! What will I test? It will not be easy to test the difference in friction compared with two-stroke oil.  But I will certainly test:

  • The fuel consumption (Euro98): two-stroke oil vs. Triboron
  • Exhaust smoke impact
  • Spark plug quality
  • Engine performance

I already allowed myself to check the experiences of other two-stroke moped riders and these are a few things that they are liking about the Triboron two-stroke formula :

  • When I start my moped (cold start), there is no more smoke!
  • My moped seems to accelerate faster.
  • After refilling my thank 3 times, my engine seems to run a lot smoother and accelerates better even when I’m having head wind.
  • My spark plug looks way much cleaner.
  • I use it on my Gila 74cc, my moped runs smoother and after 2 tanks it runs much better. The mixture is 1:100, so it’s not that expensive as it looked in the first time.

I can’t wait to test it out myself! I will keep you posted (should be finished by the end of June 2018).

Triboron two-stroke formula - Concentrate

Questions? Remarks?

Did you test Triboron or do you have any question regarding Triboron? Let us know via below comments or via our facebook group: The Make Puch Great Again Group.


3 thoughts on “Triboron: replaces 2-stroke oil

  1. I have been using Triboron for 2-3 weeks now. Until so far, it does what it promises

  2. I want to test it but right now i am using 1:40 with normal fuel, do i have to add more than 1:100?

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