About the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil

The Vec Electronic Ignition Coil transforms the original ignition coil, breaker points and the capacitor into a contactless electronic ignition. This means that you no longer need to adjust your breaker points since there are no breaker points used any longer. Hoeray!

Which mopeds can use the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil? 

The Vec Coil works on all Puch mopeds with a 2, 3 and 4 geared engine (both left and right turning), in my case I have used it on my Puch Maxi S. It can also be used by other mopeds such as Kreidler, Zündapp, Sachs, Hercules and Tomos with a Bosch or Iskra ignition.

How to mount the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil

What you will need to mount the Vec Coil:

How to mount the Vec Coil:

  • Step 1: Remove your flywheel cover and flywheel

We advice you to use a flywheel puller.

  • Step 2: Remove the current Ignition Coil, breaker points and capacitor

It can be a little tricky to remove the capacitor. In case you don’t succeed to remove it easily, drill it out (you won’t need it any longer). Important don’t remove the lighting coil! Unless you need no lights 😉

  • Step 3. Install the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil.
    • Standard Moped: In case your moped has a standard setup. Put the backplane in the middle. How? Put the 3 screws in the middle of the slots.
    • Higher RPM: Right turning engine: put the backplane to the left
    • Lower RPM: Right turning engine: put the backplane to the right

Important! When you are installing the Vec Coil, make sure that both the yellow cable (capacitor) and red cable (VEC Coil) are installed correctly. You can use the free space of the capacitor for the red cable. Make sure that your flywheel and backplane can’t damage your wiring cables.

  • Step 4. Connect the red cable to the turnoff cable (kill switch)

In most cases this will be the black cable connected to your kill switch. Important: make sure you have isolated the connection between those two appropriately. If the connection comes in contact with e.g. frame, your engine won’t run properly.

  • Step 5. Mount you flywheel back on
  • Step 6. Set you spark plug distance at 0,80mm and insert your spark plug

Since the sparks of the Vec Coil seems to more ‘aggressive’ than the former coil, 0,80mm is advised. VEC recommends a heat range of 8 (e.g. NGK B8HS). However, many people (including myself) have used a spark plug with heat range 7 (B7HS) and this works great as well.

  • Step 7. Go for a test drive and adjust if needed

In case your moped doesn’t run smoothly, first try to change the heat range (instead of 8, try 7), then see if adjusting the ignition timing helps (by putting the backplane left or right) and if this didn’t help, check if another spark plug distance solves the issue (between 0.4mm and 0.8mm).

My experience with the Electronic Coil? 

I’m a happy customer! I love it! It only took me 30 minutes to install it and now I have the feeling that my Puch Maxi accelerates faster. I believe this has something to do with the minimum 400 RPM that comes with the Vec Coil. I did have to change the heat range of the spark plug to heat range 7 instead of 8 since I experienced unburned fuel but that was easily solved. I have nothing to complain about, totally worth the investment!

My setup: 50cc airsal, 15mm bing, Jet size 62, standard exhaust, standard air filter.

Extra information

VEC also published their own manual which you can download here.

Where to buy the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil?

We advise you to buy your Vec Coil at our preferred partner, click here for more info.

Questions or having troubles?

If you have any question or you are having an issue with the Vec Electronic Ignition Coil, let us know by commenting below or via our Facebook Group: The Make Puch Great Again Group.

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