Week 2:  A Puch Button!

If you love Puch as much as I do, then you probably want to spread your Puch Love. The perfect way to show other moped lovers that you are part of the Puch clan, is by having a simple Puch button on your jacket, any type of bag, pullover, wallet or why not  on the handbag of your girlfriend.

So spread your Puch love wherever you go with this weeks Puch product! Got a few euro’s (dollars for our American friends) left this month? Go get your 37mm Button here: #header

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Puch Sign

If you like the idea of a Puch button, your wallet allows it and you want to Puchnize (our own created word :-)) your workplace, living room, bedroom; you can always go for the Big Puch sign. The Puch sign has a diameter of 50cm, has a very good quality and shines like crazy!

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Do you own a Puch?

Do you own a Puch and are your proud of it? Share it with us and we will share your Puch on facebook and instagram!

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