In this post we present you the Puch Ranger by the 19 year old Austrian Hermann H. who (back in 2017) bought a very unfinished and shitty looking rebuild of an original Puch Ranger from the Austrian Army somewhere out of a shed in lower Austria. Enjoy his project!

Puch Ranger Army (Puch TM50-4)

Details of the Puch Ranger Project

Hermann explains his project:
I instantly fell in love with the design of the bike and started to search for parts on the web. Since the Puch TM50-4 (technical designation of the Puch Ranger) was an exportmodel and only saw little production numbers for the Austrian market, I had a hard time finding something useful. At least the frame, swing arm, fork and other stuff were in good shape (apart from the paint job). I sandblasted all parts and painted it in the original colour all by myself.

Then I started to rebuild the engine from the ground up. New gears, clutch and crankshaft, and for the cylinder I took the original one and edited it for a little more power. I’m currently running (may 2019) the ported original cylinder with a 17mm Bing Carb. I wanted to use the original exhaust as well, but for my build it was not the right thing since it is restricted ex factory.

So I decided to look for the Spanish Cobra 76 and 80 model exhausts and found one (those are nearly identical only slight changes were needed to make). After the fitting I changed the exhaust manifold to 32mm and started to finetune the engine with jets and my MVT Digital Pro Ignition, which also supports my 12V LED lights. The last dyno test portrays the current setup and says the bike can do around 13-13.5 HP, which is awesome considering it still is 50 ccm.


Topspeed of the bike with it’s original transmission is around 80-85 km/h, but I also changed it for more vmax and now it is sitting in perfect balance between power and speed and does around 105-110  km/h on the straight.

Yeah well that is my bike and its story and I hope you liked it and can enjoy some 4-gear-Puch mopeds as well.



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2 thoughts on “Puch Ranger (Puch TM50-4) by Hermann

  1. Nice build, aber ich glaub irgendwie nicht das du mit einem 17er Bing, einem bearbeiteten Ori Zylinder und nem Cobra Auspuff 13ps schaffst… Das kommt mur etwas viel vor.

  2. Hi Simon, thanks! You might be right, let me dubbel check that with the owner. Cheers, Thomas

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