Inspiration for your Puch x30 Caferacer build

Caferacers are hot! Do you agree? If yes, you will certainly like this article and gallery. Puch Babe Marije, 18 years old and a real Puch lover.  She has a machine that we consider to be very a sexy machine on two wheels. It would be a shame not to put this Puch moped in the picture..

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What’s it about?

Together with Marije we have written an article about her Puch x30 caferacer build. You will see that the colours she has used are not that commonly used. This really gave her Puch x30 a personal touch. In this article we will tell you more about:

  • What to take into account when starting a custom build project
  • What a moped tells about your personality
  • Inspiration how to create a cafe-racer with a Puch x30. 
  • The importance of the colour selection

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The Puch Gallery of Marije 

We know that images often say more than words. We can tell a lot , but images will definitely show you what’s so nice about her project. That’s why we have selected the coolest pictures of Marije her Puch x30 cafe-racer build. Please note that these pictures can not be used nor spread without consent of us or Marije herself.

Watch the Puch Gallery!

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