Owner: Valentin
Date added: 01/08/2018
Type: Orange Puch X30 Sport
Description: Puch X30 Sport with a Z50 engine. At this Puch X30 project you can see whitewall tires, an oldtimer Puch seat and a retro brown leather bag combined with chrome a chrome front fender. This gives it  an extra nice retro look.

Tags: Orange Puch X30, White wall tires, leather bag, oldtimer Puch seat.

Owner: Thomas D.
Date added: 01/08/2018
Type: 1984 Red Puch X30 | Condor Puch
Description: First owner and in family possession since 34 years . 65ccm + 14mm bing carburettor + 28mm exhaust. Topspeed: 55/60 Km/h. It’s a rare special configuration model and in great condition (looks like just have left factory)

Tags: Red Puch X30, Condor Puch

Owner: William
Date added: 01/08/2018
Type: Black Puch X30
Description: Za50 engine with a supermaxi cylinder (bigger inlet, bigger transfer ports), 12mm Bing, 22mm Original Puch exhaust. Runs about 45 to 50 km/h.

Tags: Black Puch X30, Supermaxi cylinder

Owner: Andrin
Date added: 01/08/2018
Type: Custom Puch X30 Cafe- racer
Description: Puch X30 NG – 2A cafe racer. Build by a 16 years old Swiss boy. The original tank was painted and mounted with a bar on the frame so that this X30 has a cafe racer look. The exhaust is a Tecno Bos chrome pipe. The engine is a Puch ZA50G engine.

Tags: Black Puch X30, Supermaxi cylinder