Custom Puch Maxi Racer

Do you want some inspiration to build a Custom Puch Maxi Racer? Well this Puch project including pictures and video’s will certainly inspire you! This moped used to be an original Puch Maxi 2speed but that’s hard to see now, right? With a total budget spent of 1900 Euro’s and working on this moped every weekend for 2 years on a row, the end result is really amazing. Read More

Monthly Winner! Richard!

Puch Magnum for the win! The Puch Magnum of Richard has the most Likes on our Instagram account during the month of October (instagram account @make.puch.great.again). Congratulations to Richard Kinney, our American Puch  friend. A lot of people are jealous… of course. Who doesn’t want to own such a beauty? Not only does the Puch of… Read More