OldSchool Green Puch Magnum

Lukas and his OldSchool Green Puch Magnum

About the owner, Lukas

Meet Lukas, a 15 year old boy from Switzerland. Lukas is lucky to have 2 things: the luck to own a Puch Magnum and the luck to have the talent and skills to build an OldSchool Green Puch Magnum.
We carefully have selected this Oldschool Puch Magnum for our ‘Best Puch Magnum mopeds 2018. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

 Before and after

The Puch Magnum wasn’t in it’s best shape when the owner bought it. It used to be a red ‘standard’ original Puch Magnum MKII.  Although the condition of the magnum was ok, Lukas wanted to transform it into something ‘special‘. That’s what’s it all about, turn your moped in a style you love.

From a red, original looking Puch Magnum (which I also liked) Lukas transformed this Magnum into a sweet looking old skool Puch Magnum. If you look closely, you can see a #oldskool sticker! Yeah man, this Magnum is looking really oldskool.

Are the decals put in the wrong direction?!

Some people will argue that the decals are put in the wrong direction. We can assure you that this isn’t a mistake. For what concerns the Austrian version of Puch Magnums, the decals should be placed in this direction.

Some pictures of during the project

About the setup and parts

For the setup Lukas has chosen for a 44mm Swiing cylinder, a 15mm carburator , Power filter and a 28mm racing exhaust. This results in a good performance with a topspeed of 65 km/h. Not Bad!
The parts used are mainly original. Except for the front fork which is a longer, hardened EBR. The seat was made by a local upholsterer and the original luggage rack (back) was removed (the owner didn’t like the looks of it).

A message from our sponsor

One thing that really gives a retro / oldschool look, are the whitewall tires. This OldSchool Green Puch Magnum shows why we, at MPGA, really love them. You don’t see whitewall tires very often on a Puch Magnum, but you will agree that adding those tires, makes a Puch Magnum looking even more awesome.


As mentioned before, the owner is only 15 years old but nevertheless, he managed to build this Magnum all by himself! Now that’s a skilled boy from who we hope to see more future builds!

The total cost of the project? 

Make an educated guess… As in the case of many other moped builders, the owner doesn’t really know how much he spent in total for building this beautiful lady but it should somewhere between 2500 and 3000 Euro’s.

The colour of the project

For what concerns the colour used. Lukas god inspired by Harley Davidson and used a Harley Davidson Green colour. We believe that the combination of black, white and dark green together with the parts really makes this an Oldschool Puch Magnum.

How does it sound? 

Ok so we got a young boy that is really talented! We got a special dark green colour and we already agree that this Magnum is really Oldschool. But how does it sound? Well go figure it out via the following YouTube video:

2 thoughts on “OldSchool Green Puch Magnum

  1. Congratulations Lukas your Magnum is amazing! 😉 I rode and built many Puch bikes in the 80s. I always wanted to build a simular green Magnum. I am happy you continue to keep Puch strong! Ride safe and swift! 😉 Aloha from Hawaii, Noly Ara

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