About Puch Babe – Marije

If you are on social media, you probably already have seen her fabulous Puch X30 Cafe racer. Not only is she passionated about Puch but photography helps this 18 year old girl to keep on smiling and going! Her skills in photography was noticed by a car company where she currently works. Making money by taking the nicest shots of sometimes the biggest cars, now, how cool is that?

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Puch – The perfect moped to use your creativity

When we asked Marije, what do you like about Puch? She replied;  I think it’s nice that everyone can create something he or she likes. It’s the perfect moped to use your creativity!

“A sexy machine on two wheels.”

We loved it when Marije said ‘I love old garbage’, it just makes me happy. We believe a lot of Puch lovers share the same idea. It’s just nice to see how an old, rusty moped can change into a sexy machine on two wheels. Her Puch x30 Cafe racer is the perfect example of this.

Puch x30 Cafe racer

How on earth did she find the inspiration to build her  Puch x30 caferacer?

Marije is one of those girls who keeps creating ideas spontaneously. But she has to admit that her boy Thomas also helped her with this. Now, that’s sharing Puch Love! One day she wants to be a girl on a fast motorbike and she believes that this project was a great start to train her driving skills. We totally agree on this Marije!

So she and her boy started the big search to the perfect frame, tank, … A lot of things are made by themselves! E.g. the seat. It’s not a surprise that the tank had to be repaired as well (we all know how this goes, don’t we?).

“If the colours are not perfect, the project has failed.”

After spending hours of hard work, the day finally arrived where the colour combination had to be selected. Not so easy, she said. She knew she wanted brown leather. But how about the frame? Black or grey? The tank; red or blue? Or a little green? This is a dilemma that we all encounter when re-styling our moped. You can do the craziest thing with your moped, if the colours are not perfect, the project has failed.

But you have to make a decision.  Since Marije wanted a unique and personal color, we believe she did an outstanding job!! Your Puch is a reflection of your creativity and personality, no doubt!

Key take-aways of Puch Lover Marije!

  • Take enough time to think about what you want to do
  • Do your research – which frame, tank, …
  • A Puch – moped project is about using your creativity
  • You can choose a lot of colours! Spend enough time on creating the perfect color combination
  • At each project; make something beautiful and unique
  • Your Puch – moped project is a projection of your own personality

The setup

  • Max Speed: 55 km / h.
  • As original as possible!
  • 4 geared kickstart engine.
  • 14 mm Bing Carb.
  • PSR air filter.
  • Techno boss exhaust.
  • A lot of parts delivered by Puchshop.

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