The Red Puch Maxi N of Thomas D.

Red Puch Maxi N
An amazing 1968 Red Puch Maxi N by Thomas D.

In this article we want to show how Thomas D. managed to make such a great and exceptional Red Puch Maxi N. When I first shared this project on Instagram, I received a lot of questions, for example:

  • How did he make this Red Puch Maxi N so glossy?
  • Did he use chrome?
  • What paint colour did he use? 
  • What’s the setup like?
  • etc.

These questions and many more are  answered here. Now the moment has come that we can officially share his amazing 1968 Red Puch Maxi N project.

Enjoy the reading!

Retro Puch Maxi N moped. Black & White by Thomas D.

About the owner of this Red Puch Maxi N

  • Name: Thomas Diewald
  • Country: Austria
  • Profession: Fire fighter & Puch Lover
  • Hobbies: professional filming, drawing, photography, mopeds (Puch!), family
  • Build Year Puch Maxi: 1968
  • First Registration: 04/1969

Thomas is 37 years old and guess what, he lives in the heart of Puch: Austria! His skills in auto mechanics (which he had studied) as well as his profession as a fire fighter truly reflects in his Puch project. Yes Thomas, you are a hero! And not only because you are a fire fighter, but certainly because you made this red Puch Maxi N Great Again!

About the 1968 Red Puch Maxi N

A very old but beautiful red lady!

With 1968 as build year, this Puch Maxi N is one of the oldest Puch Maxi’s Thomas has ever seen and found. With a total age of +50 years old, the Puch Maxi was in excellent shape. Almost no rust (except for the tank) and all parts were complete. Not to mention that even the official certificate was still intact! Thomas you are a lucky man, well hunted!

It’s one of the oldest known Puch Maxi’s I have ever found and seen. Year 68, first registration 4/69 and 9600278 as chassis number. Very very old! 

Red Puch Maxi N by Thomas. Original Chassis Number
Puch Maxi Original Chassis Number: 9600278

The Red Puch Maxi N Project – Hard work pays off!

Hard work pays off! That’s certainly true if we look at the project of Thomas. Although the moped was in a very good shape, Thomas managed to transform it into an exceptional Red Puch Maxi N. He invested 400 hours of hard work with only one mission, making this red Puch maxi N into the best custom project he (and we) had ever seen!

400 hours of work – the results are perfect!

The colours of this Puch Maxi N

The colour used in this project is exceptional. We haven’t seen this colour before; so we asked Thomas the question that we are all having in mind: what colour is this?

AUDI TT RS. Source:

You might have already seen this colour on an Audi TT RS or Audi RS3 and that’s exactly where Thomas got his inspiration from. The color is named ‘ Catalunya Metallic Red’. Thomas did the paint preparation himself, which was a very time consuming job (e.g. grinding and priming).

But investing time in the preparation is essential if you want a professional result. Thomas choose to ask a friend for help for the painting job itself. To be honest, I would do the same if you know that his friend is used to paint Lamborghinis and Bentleys!

At the end, the Red Puch Maxi N was lacquered 3 times for a neat finishing. This made it possible to polish the red Puch Maxi N so good.

We got to say that your Puch Maxi N looks better than a red Ferrari Thomas!

How to make your Puch glossy! Is it chrome? 

Besides the fact that the paint job was done very professionally, we noticed that a lot of parts where looking like they are chromed. Is Thomas a hero in polishing and chroming? What is his secret?

It’s called High-Gloss Compaction (hochglanzverdichten in German)

Only the pole wheel cover on the engine is chrome-plated, Thomas said. He choose for a technique called ‘High-Gloss compaction’. It’s a procedure which results in a perfect result.

How it works? With this process the surface gets polished first ( by a machine and small ceramic balls) with a high gloss finish as result followed by compacting the surface. High-gloss compaction has the advantage that it’s done by a machine (can’t beat a machine…) and that the gloss compactions inserts even the smalles gap which then results in a smooth, chrome gloss look that’s last a very long time with minimal care needed.

More information about high gloss compaction can be found here. This video shows how it’s done precisely:

The flywheel cover – never seen that before?

What Thomas likes the most about his Red Puch Maxi N, his flywheel cover, and I can imagine that! Thomas got the luck to get a very very very rare flywheel covers which we have only seen in Puch brochures only. Great man! A piece of advice, don’t try to buy it from Thomas, even for 2000 Euro’s, he’s not going to consider it. If you make him an offer, make it an offer he cannot refuse…

The hardest part of this project

We asked Thomas ‘what was the most difficult part of this project’? That must be the fender search, adjusting the fender and mounting it, he said. The original tires of the Puch Maxi are 2.00×17 inch but Thomas absolutely wanted to fit the 2.75×17 inch tires. If you look at how the tires are fitting the fender, you will also notice that they almost hit the fender. We can imagine how difficult this part must have been, but we are glad that you made to do this Thomas! Top Job!

The setup of this Red Puch Maxi N

  • Engine: 4-bearing Puch E50 (adapted for a 74cc Italkit)
  • Cilinder: 74cc Italkit Gilardoni
  • Crankshaft: DMP 2.0 Racing
  • Clutch: HK Racing with Kevlar shoes
  • Ignition: MVT Premium  internal rotor ignition – 12V
  • Carburator: 21mm Dellorto Black Racing. Idle Jet 35. Nozzle 92
  • Exhaust: Sziing Zigarre
  • Manifold: Italkit 21mm
  • Air Filter: K & N
  • Sprockets: 16/45
  • RIMS: 2.50 x 17inch (55mm wide) 
  • Tires: 2.75 Mitas B7 WW
  • Mudguard: Puch Maxi N newest model (and adapted)
  • Front Fork: EBR Racing Standart
  • Frontlight: KTM Hobby 1
  • Seat: Brooks B66
  • Handlebar: chrome low

Detailed view of the project

Thomas D’s next project?

My next project will be a super maxi project together with his co-worker. Thomas couldn’t give more details yet, but it will be a project with a lot of chrome and polishing!

That’s how we like it Thomas 😉