Inspiration for your Retro Puch Maxi Moped

Inspiration is key for a perfect looking retro Puch Maxi moped. Don’t you agree? Bas started this hobby when he was 16 years old. 10 years and 16 Retro Puch Maxi Mopeds later, his experience and love for Puch mopeds are a good example of how inspiration and perfection is key to succes.

What’s it about?

Together with Bas we have written an article about his Retro Puch Maxi Mopeds. You will see that he often uses e.g. whitewalls just to give that little vintage touch. And of course the combination of the colours used, are the finished touch.  In this article you will get to know more about:

  • Bas and his amazing retro Puch Maxi Moped (s)
  • Where he gets his inspiration from
  • How to keep the cost low of your Puch project
  • Advice for your next Puch project

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Retro Puch Maxi Moped – Gallery

We know that images often say more than words. That’s why we have selected the coolest retro Puch Maxi Mopeds By Bas in a easy to watch gallery. The focus is Puch Maxi  although you will also see his custom build retro Manet. We can’t wait to see his future projects! Keep on going Bas!

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Watch the Puch Gallery!

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