The Saffron Gold Puch Maxi S by Johan Kindgren

If you are on Instagram and you are following us (Make.Puch.Great.Again) or other Puch accounts, the chances are big you have already seen one of Johan Kindgren Puch builds. This Saffron Gold Puch Maxi S is one of the outstanding jobs he did so we just had to put it in the spotlight! 

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re pleased to introduce you the great Puch builder ‘Johan Kindgren and his awesome Saffron Gold Puch Maxi S.

About Johan and his Puch builds

I must say, I am a big fan of Johan Kindgren (Swedish) his work. During the winter of 2017  Johan restored a Blue Puch Dakota. If you look at the picture below, you will agree if I say that it looks just like it comes from the Puch factory!

Another project he’s currently working on is a a white Puch Maxi N. Below you can find a little teaser, to stay updated about this project you can also join our facebook group where Johan shares updates frequently.

A few examples of his other Puch work: 

The Project before and after

Before Johan putted his hands on this project, the Puch Maxi looked like this. There is not much to be said about this, it’s just an original ‘standard’ looking Blue Puch Maxi S in an ok condition.

Puch Maxi S Picture Before

But then Johan started working on this project. During 3 weeks, Johan gave this Maxi a total new look. The maxi got powder coated in a special colour, named ‘Saffron Gold’ (Saffron Pearl) which is a metallic mixture of gold, tan and orange. The color code of this colour is 435 Saffron Pearl.

A few pictures of during the project

The end result? Pretty awesome! It really looks so clean, just like new! It’s a well thought combination of many colours; a Saffron Gold colour used at the frame, a chrome touch used at the tecno bos exhaust, rear shocks, front fork and headlight. A white touch can be seen at the seat and grips and last bot not least a small touch of yellow at the headlight as well.

Setup and sound

A Puch Maxi may be looking really good, but if it doesn’t run it has not been a successful project… So what’s the setup and how does it sound?


  • 70cc Cylinder
  • 15mm Bing carb (imi)
  • 28mm Tecno Bos Chrome exhaust
  • Powerfilter
  • Topspeed: around 50 km/h (31 mph)

Puch Parts Used

M-handle bar (chrome)  € 12,75  Buy here
Chrome Headlight  €13,75  Buy here
Chrome EBR Front Fork  € 69,00  Buy here
Chrome Tecno Bos Exhaust  € 29,95  Buy here
Pirelli City Demon Tires (2,25 x17)  € 39,95  Buy similar here
White Puch Saddle  € 29,00  Buy here
70 cc Airsal + 15 mm bing (IMI) and Powerfilter  € 90,00 (set)  Buy here
White Grips  € 3,99  Buy here
320mm  Shocks  € 24,90  Buy here
Taillight (LED)  € 21,90  Buy here


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