About the Puch DS50

An introduction by Markus Krigovsky.

In 1959 Steyr Puch presented the Puch DS50, a 50cc scooter with a fan-cooled engine. The Puch DS50 is equipped with a windscreen (which makes airstream-cooling impossible). The first models until 1974 had an 1.8 HP engine with pedals like the Puch maxi and a 3-speed stealing circuit.

Baby Blue Puch DS50 by Elias
Original Puch DS50 by Elias

You might be wondering “what does DS in Puch DS50” stands for? Well it stands for “Doppelsitzer-Schalenrahmen” which means “Two seater-Shell frame”. They were basically baby-blue except of a few export models. In foreign countries the DS50 was called Condor, Cheetah or Alabama. The sister-model of the DS50 was the DS60, which had a 60cc engine and was painted grey.

In 1974 Puch had to revise the DS50, and so the DS50L came out . The L in DS50L stands for “Luxus = Luxury”. This model had a stronger engine, a 2.6 HP engine with kick-starter except of pedals and a 4 speed foot-circuit, a larger chromed fuel tank with 10.5l instead of 5.5l and a longer seat-bench made of black leatherette.

Puch DS50L: – Picture by J├╝rgen Splet

The L-models were now available in the old blue or in a bright champagne-yellow or beige colour and chromed handlebars. Until the production-end in 1981, Puch sold a total of 283554 DS50 within export models and so on.

The DS50 was a cheap and robust moped. It was suited for everyone, young and old, men and women.

1979 Yellow Puch DS50L by Markus

Yellow Puch DS50L by Markus. Build Year 1979, origin Austria. Rebuild just as original.
1979 Yellow Puch DS50L by Markus

Owner: Markus | Build year: 1979

Markus bought this beautiful Puch DS50L from an old man who bought it in 1979 as a brand new moped. It wasn’t in the best condition when Markus bought it. As a matter of fact, it was in a pretty rough shape.

Markus decided to restore it, paint it in the original yellow color of the DS50L models and setup the engine. Oh nice fact, did you know that the L in DS50L stand for Luxory? Nice work Markus! You Make Puch Great Again!