About this page

I am a big fan of Puch Magnum, they just look so damn nice. In Europe the Magnum is pretty hard to find. As a matter of fact, I have never seen one in real life (for real!). This brought me the idea of making a topic of showing you the best Puch Magnum projects!

Please note that we will update this page very frequently!

Coming up: The White Puch Magnum By Brandon

The white Puch Magnum is an real eye-catcher. I bed you were scrolling down but suddenly stopped and you don’t know why. Well, it’s probably because your eyes spotted this beauty. Have a deeper look and see how Brandon combined the classic white colour with a sweet yellow headlight and gold snowflake rims, is’t that just damn awesome?

| More details about the setup and the project will be added soon. 

Coming up: The Black Puch Magnum by Bart!

I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad, I got sunshine, in my MAG. Yes you’re right, for this Black Puch Magnum we are referring to a song of Gorillaz. This black Puch Magnum is build by Bart of the Netherlands. He got his inspiration from Gorillaz video clip ‘Stylo’. 

| More details about the setup and the project will be added soon. 

The Red Puch Magnum XK by Joe P.

Let’s start with with the Puch Magnum XK by Joe. The combination of the sportive red colour, a little touch of white and a black seat, frame, wheels and a massive black exhaust makes me go ‘loco’ when seeing this Red Magnum. If you look closely, you’ll something strange… Can you see it? Small hint: look at the plug wire. 

1989 Red Puch Magnum by Joe


3. OldSkool Green Puch Magnum By Lukas

Woooow, stop! Is that? Yes it is, this is an awesome oldskool looking Green Puch Magnum with whitewall tires. The owner, our Swiss friend Lukas, is very proud on his project, and he should be! Did you know he’s only 15 years old?!

You might be thinking ‘ow nooooo, the decals are put in the wrong direction!‘. Well I’m sorry to say that you are wrong and Lukas did put the decals right. Apparently, this the right way to put the decals if the Magnum is an Austrian version.  Great job !

Black Puch Magnum with Whitewall tires