The Best Speedometer Apps 2018

If you’re visiting this page, you’re probably searching for a good mobile app to put on your moped or motorcycle. On this page you can find the best speedometer apps for mopeds which I have tested so far. 

We have also added a section about a good smartphone holder (verified) for mopeds.



If you are looking for a mobile app that only tracks your journey, Diablo SBK is probably the best app. The UX friendly app is created by Pirelli & C and is very easy to use.

You have the option to select between ‘road’ and ‘track’ which allows you to easily see how your moped or motorcycle performed, what your top speed was, the total duration of the trip etc. The speedometer app also includes a map where you can see the journey you made and how fast you were going on specific spots.

The accuracy of the topspeed, average speed and total distance is really good and the app is entirely free! Because of this we decided to put Diablo SBK on the list of the best speedometer apps for mopeds.

A few screenshots:

Conclusion:  if you are looking for an app that also shows your speed while driving, this is not the best app. If you want to have accurate insights of your average speed and topspeed after a ride, than this app will suit your needs.



This app is really awesome and definitely belongs to the best speedometer apps for mopeds. For a few euro’s you get the pro version which I tested and liked a lot (I’m still using it). It allows you to record different trips, see your current speed,  average speed, top speed, etc. while driving

What I really like about this app is that it allows you to change the scale. This means that this app is perfectly suitable for both mopeds and motorcycles. I always drive it with a scale of 0 – 60km/h.

The accuracy in topspeed is good. The only minus I encountered is that sometimes, while driving, the current speed suddenly stops for a few seconds. This makes me think that the average speed is not always accurate. Edit: after more testing it appears that my GPS connection wasn’t always good (not to blame the app ;-)).

A few screenshots:

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 09.21.12.png

Conclusion: If you are looking for an app that is able to; record a trip, generate some statistics, show current speed, change the speed scale, show a map during a trip, etc. you should certainly get the pro version of this app.



The speedbox app is definitely a good solutions when you are searching for a speedometer app.

Some features: You can select the maximum speed to display from max. 30 km/h to 300 km/h. The free version of this app is pretty large in functionalities and there are no annoying ads displayed. You even have the possibility to select different kind of looks and a map view. The app gives you the possibility to view your average speed, total distance and max. speed. The accuracy is good too. Another nice feature is that you have the possibility to export your data.

A minus is that the app doesn’t give the possibility to record different trips / tracks.

Conclusion: if you are looking for an app that shows your current speed, average speed, total distance and gives you the possibility to change your app layout than this one is a good fit. Don’t get this app if you are looking for an app that also gives the possibility to record different tracks.



How to mount a smartphone on a moped? If you are using a speedometer, you better get a good smartphone holder. I used to have ‘ a cheap one’ that was made for bicycles. What happened?  At full speed by iPhone dropped and my screen got broken (an expensive joke…).

If you want a good smartphone holder on your moped, I can recommend you to use the quadlock (based on a lot of feedback of our Instagram followers).

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To get 10% discount, use the following code:QL-FRIEND-3154

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