8 reasons why your Puch won’t start

We made this checklist to help you easily find and resolve the reasons why your Puch won’t start or is not starting as it should be. The reasons are ordered following a lot of feedback we have received from people who have helped us with creating this ‘Puch won’t start checklist’. Read more

Puch Maxi smokes a lot – 4 causes

Does your Puch Maxi smokes a lot? Smoking kills so you better fix the smoke problem as soon as possible. The following 4 causes will help you to define the cause and resolve the smoke issue.  Read more

Explosions coming from my Puch Maxi exhaust

Puch Maxi Exhaust

A few weeks ago I worked on my Puch Maxi. And suddenly 3 loud explosions were coming from my exhaust, Boom Boom Boom. Curious to know how I solved this issue? Read more

How to define the right heat range for your Puch Maxi?

spark plug

Defining the right heat range of your spark plug is essential for the good performance of your Puch Maxi. After doing a lot of research and asking a lot of Puch experts their opinion, we created a short tabel with the type of cilinder, … Read more