How To Shorten The Cables Of Your Puch Moped

As a Puch builder you want your Puch Maxi, Puch x30 or any other type of Puch moped to look good. When going for perfection, shortening the cables is one of the most important things to do. On this page we want to show you how to shorten the  cables of your Puch moped. Of course this also counts for any kind of other moped (Sachs, Kreidler, Tomos, Flandria, …).

When using the original gas cable, brake cable, clutch cable etc. they are often made for ‘original’ handle bars. When using a handle bar like the M-steering or cross handle bar, the cables look way to long and just makes your Puch moped looks unfinished.

Here is an example of my project before and after shortening the cables:

Picture Cables Before

Shorten The Cables Of Your Puch Moped - before

Picture Cables After

Shorten The Cables Of Your Puch Moped - After

What You’ll Need To Shorten Your Cables

Shorten The Cables Of Your Puch Moped - a nipple

When shortening the cables you will need a small hour of time (take your time people ;-)) and the following things:

The 5 Steps For Shortening The Cables

Step 1. Remove The Cables from your (Puch) moped

Although it isn’t 100% necessary, I believe it’s way much easier to shorten the cables when you remove them from your moped.


Step 2. Start with the brake cables

Inner Brake Cable - cut

  • Cut the part of the inner cable you want to replace (see picture above).
  • Remove the inner cable from the outer cable.
  • Cut 10 – 15 cm from the outer cable (depending on how short they have to be). See picture below.
  • Put some grease on the inner cable.
  • Shove the inner cable back in the outer cable.
  • Take the brake nipple and mount it on the inner cable. Make sure you tighten it enough so that it won’t pop off when braking hard.

outer brake cable cutted

Step 3. Continue with the clutch cable

For the clutch cable you can follow the steps as mentioned in step 2.

Step 4. Cut the throttle (gas) cable

Now this is a tricky one. You don’t want to shorten the outer throttle cable to much.  If you do, the inner cable will have to much “play”. What I advice you to do is cutting the outer cable bit by bit. Start with a few centimeters and continue until you reach the right length.

Step 5. Mount the cables back on and go for a ride

Once you have done this, your Puch moped is ready to ride. You’ll even notice that for example giving and releasing gas or braking will go a little smoother than with long cables.

Now you can go for a ride with a clean looking Puch moped.

Where To Buy Cable Nipples, Brake Cables, etc?




Suggestions, Questions or Remarks?

I hope this post has helped you to answer your question on how to shorten the cables of your Puch moped or any other kind of moped. Of course if you have any suggestion, question or remark, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-mail. 

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