Puch Ignition timing, too late or too early?

Puch E50 Timing

A question I get asked frequently is the following. “how to know if the Puch ignition timing is set too late or too early (Bosch point ignition)?”. Well, on this page we give you a clear answer.

Is my ignition timing set late or early?

If your timing is set (too) late:

If your timing is set too late you’ll recognise some of the following the issues.

  • low on torque.
  • your exhaust will be hot
  • the chrome of the exhaust turns blue
  • there is not enough heat given in the cylinder
  • the power at high RPM is rather good
  • pops coming from your exhaust

If your timing is set (too) early:

If your timing is set too early you should recognise one of the following symptoms.

  • idle more poorly
  • make more torque
  • sometimes a bit less high end power
  • hotter cylinder and colder exhaust
  • knocking is more common with timing set too soon
  • pops coming from your carburator

Some good advice from our friend Nikolaj is that in general, a Puch (stock) should never spark before 2,0mm before top dead center.

Do you want to add anything?

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