Puch Maxi makes explosion sounds coming from exhaust / cilinder


People were looking at me like crazy, I guess I almost gave them a heart attack as well…

Why were explosion sounds coming from my cilinder?

You probably know the feeling. You need to go to work but your Puch Maxi just exploded. I had to ask  our Puch community on facebook why my Puch Maxi made explosion sounds, it became clear that I was suffering Backfire.

Backfire means that unburnt fuel (or hydrocarbons) are ignited in the exhaust system which can produce loud explosion sounds. Did you know that this can also cause flames coming out of your exhaust? I didn’t experienced that luckily….

What to do when your Puch Maxi makes explosion sounds

There could be several reasons why your Puch Maxi makes explosion sounds. Since backfire is caused because of unburnt fuel, chances are really big that it has something to do with your ignition.

The reason why my Puch Maxi made explosion sounds is the fact that I did’t adjust the spark plug gap which resulted in unburnt fuel. After adjusting the gap to 0,45mm, the problem was gone entirely.

So be sure to check if the ignition time and the spark plug gap are adjusted accordingly and your Puch Maxi will no longer make explosion sounds.

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