Does your Puch Maxi smokes a lot?

Does your Puch Maxi smokes a lot? Smoking kills so you better fix the smoke problem as soon as possible. The following 4 causes will help you to define the cause and resolve the smoke issue.

How to solve Puch Maxi smoke problems

1. During winter your Puch Maxi smokes more

When your engine is cold, it is normal that your Puch Maxi smokes more than during warmer days. Certainly when it’s freezing. If you have been driving your Puch Maxi for 10 minutes and still your Puch Maxi smokes a lot the cause needs to be searched elsewhere.

2. To much oil can cause more smoke

A Puch Maxi is a 2 stroke moped. This means that you need to add 2 stroke oil to the fuel. It is recommended to respect the 1:50 ratio, meaning 1 liter of 2 stroke oil for 50 liters of fuel. If you didn’t respect this ratio and have added more oil than previously suggested, more smoke will come out of your exhaust. Adding to much 2 stroke oil will also foul the spark plug resulting in problems starting your Puch Maxi. Generally speaking, if the smoke is blue, you probably have used to much oil.

Always respect the 1:50 ratio! If you use to much 2 stroke oil, the engine will not be damaged immediately but if you use less 2 stroke oil you can cause severe damage!

3. Did you use the right jet? 

If the smoke coming out of the exhaust smells like fuel, you probably haven’t adjusted the jet accordingly. Using an jet that’s too big will cause a lot more white smoke. Try a smaller jet and see if the problem is over.

4. A bad oil seal on the crankcase

Last and hopefully least, a leaking oil seal can cause a lot of smoke coming out of your Puch Maxi’s exhaust. In this case you will need to open up your engine and replace the oil seal on the crankcase.

I hope this has helped you resolve the smoke problem! If not, let us know via the comment section below and we will try to help you out!