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8 reasons why your Puch Maxi won’t start

We made this checklist to help you easily find and resolve the reasons why your Puch Maxi won’t start or is not starting as it should be. The reasons are ordered following a lot of feedback we received from people who helped on created this ‘Puch Maxi won’t start checklist’.

Help Puch Maxi won’t start.
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1. Check if you have enough fuel and if your fuel tap is set correctly.

I had this myself several times, suddenly my engine stopped working and I just couldn’t start my lady.  I was thinking about all the possible issues, but I forgot to set the fuel tap open… lol.

2. Is your spark plug firing?

The fact that your Puch Maxi won’t start might be because the spark plug is broken, not having the right heat range or because something is wrong with the ignition.  Get your spark plug out of the cilinder, hold it against the cilinder, try to start your Puch and see if your spark plug is firing.

If you Puch won’t start correctly but you are getting a spark, check if your spark plug is adjusted appropriately (spark plug gap of 0,45mm).

3. Clean your carburator

This might sound stupid but it’s also a common cause. Certainly when your Puch maxi tank is dirty or rusty, the fact your Puch maxi won’t start can be because your carburator is too filthy and clogs the jet.

4. Clogged fuel filter – fuel hose

This cause is closely related to action number 2. If your tank is dirty / rusty, your fuel filter or fuel hose is clogged. Go and clean it! 

New! On The Road Since + Your Build Year Vinyl Sticker!

5. Dirty air filter

Again we are talking about dirty… Even if you are like me and really take care of your Puch maxi like a beautiful women, a dirty filter can be the problem. Clean it or buy a new on.

6. Adjust your carburator appropriately

Do you have the right nozzle?  Your Puch won’t start if your nozzle is too big. Their is to much fuel to ignite. It may take some time to find the right nozzle, but this can certainly help you.

7. Flooded engine

If you have tried to start your Puch, but without succes, the chances are big that your are having a flooded engine. This means your piston is wet and can’t ignite. Get your spark plug out and start your engine a few times. Put the piston back in, and now it should start.

8. Check for air leakes / vacuum leakes

If you have worked on your Puch (e.g. replaced the cilinder), this is the first thing you need to do. Check if your Puch Maxi suffers from air leakes. It’s very easy to check and solve.

9. Remove and clean your exhaust

Thanks to Richard M. we have added another reason. When your Puch has been standing for a while, fuel can leak past the float valve en fill the exhaust with fuel. This is also a reason why your Puch won’t start. Remove your exhaust en empty it.

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4 thoughts on “Puch Maxi won’t start – 8 ways to solve this issue

  1. Very usefull thanks, would be great if u could add more how to e.g. Fix the Ignition.. but very good to have a checklist I can follow when I got Some running issues ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  2. Proof reading goes a long way. Also include how to check for air leak. U can use carb cleaner, wd40 or water in spray bottle, set on mist/spray. Spray around all connections: head, cylinder and carb /reed connections.

  3. Hi Matt! Thanks Will do! Just a question, What do you mean with proof Reading Goes a long way? Havenโ€™t heard that before ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hi can someone please help me to get my scooter going my kids opened my gas valve and all my gas drained out over knight I changed myspark plug but no start what can I do now to get it to start thank u

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